Leng Fine Arts

Oxford, United Kingdom

Leng Fine Arts is a family-run online art gallery, established in 2019. All the art pieces are privately owned. We collect a variety of artists, including Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Fu Baoshi and Chen Zizhuang, and contemporary artists including Tan Changrong, Ye Ruikun, Cai Yinkun, and Wang Xiaoling. 

The fundamental purpose of Leng Fine Arts is bridging the West and the East in the art world. We collect a large array of art work ranging from traditional to modern contemporary art. We are based in Oxford and Chengdu, and worked closely with Christies and other auction houses in the UK and China. We have set up Chinese art talks in Oxfordshire, which gives the audience an authentic taste of Chinese art.   

Leng Fine Arts Virtual exhibitions