Joshua Trees in Sand Dunes

Pierre Sicard
The Artwork
Pierre Sicard
Joshua Trees in Sand Dunes
Oil on linen
Year made:
C. 1954
11 in X 37 in
4,477.00 in3
Pierre Sicard (1900 - 1980) was born in Paris and was the son of the famous sculptor François Sicard. His subject matter includes Paris scenes, abstracts, and landscape views of dunes with Joshua trees from southern California. Sicard's style and technique has much in common with the Post Impressionists, but his subjects were the wild and romantic scenes of Parisian bars and nightclubs. He captured the stage performances of Josephine Baker and Le Revue Négre. His paintings of the 1920's had titles like Le Pigalls, Le Dancing, and Charleston; these were "Les Années Folles." Sicard had a long, successful career that spanned more than four decades. He traveled extensively visiting Hong Kong, Bali, Sydney, Manila, London, Marseille, Turin, Venice, Madrid, and in 1936 he traveled to the United States. Sicard made frequent trips to New York and Los Angeles, and in 1950 he settled in Los Angeles. He and his wife Suzanne build a house in Bel Air. Sicard's career continued to flourish with exhibitions Los Angeles, New York, and Paris throughout the 1950's. (Biographic notes courtesy of askART).