our injuries are invisible

Paul Chisholm
The Artwork
Paul Chisholm
our injuries are invisible
crutches and candy cane hairbands
Year made:
120 cm X 100 cm X 10 cm
1,440,000.00 cm3
As exhibited at The Terrence Higgins Trust annual auction at Christies in 2018 it failed to sell but I aquired the work directly from the artists studio. Certifcate of Authenticity included. Paul chisholm’s “ Our Injuries are invisible” and “ I am not an abomination : is to go on auction at Christies on April the 16th in Aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust in support of people with HIV. The event is one of London’s most successful charity auctions and a night like no other. A champagne reception is followed by an evening of frantic bidding for world-renowned artwork, luxury travel lots and exciting celebrity experiences.

In “ Our injuries are invisible “ Paul Chisholm comments on the internal struggles with mental health many people living with HIV endure. Often the focus is on the physical effects of the virus and mental health can be brushed under the carpet.

Chisholm explains: ‘A visible injury is clear for all to see, however sometimes our injuries are invisible to the world. The state of our mental wellbeing is not as obvious to some as a broken leg or a physical wound. ‘Without treatment HIV slowly disables the immune system and when living with the virus today, mental wellbeing is as important as the daily drugs regime. This allows us to live a fulfilling life in a world with seven days, seven continents, seven deadly sins and seven colours of the rainbow.’