Malekeh Nayiny: Past Residue

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present Past Residue, a series of photographic works by Iranian artist, Malekeh Nayiny. Particularly pertinent now, these manipulated images juxtapose two worlds and speak to the future with caution and longing. 


"We are the sum total of everything and everyone that has come before us.
This cannot be erased however hard the demolition process is at work.
There always remains a trace and a remnant of what has happened before even if that was an idea as abstract as self-image…
The imagery in this series springs from demolition sites with the superimposition of advertisements, magazine covers, and mass media from my life before the Revolution in Iran, when women were encouraged to be liberated and westernized.
Then came the Revolution."       - Malekeh Nayiny


Malekeh Nayiny (b.1955 Tehran, Iran) obtained a B.A. in fine arts and photography from Syracuse University in 1978 followed by advanced photography at International Center of Photography in New York, 1980-1982. Her first work was a series of color photograms that were exhibited in the U.S and France. In the previous years she has been using digital photography for her various projects.

She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1981. Her work has been exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dubai and Tehran and she has been published in various magazines since 1983. Louis Vuitton Malletier, Smithsonian Institution, British Museum, Fondation Coff, Fnac, Musée Niepce, Chalon-sur-Soan, and Coca Cola Corporation all have her work as part of their Collections. Nayiny lives and works in Paris, France.

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