Art Staycations - Your UK Guide for August

Vacation plans might be looking a bit grim when it comes to Summer 2021, but the art  calendar continues to be promising (as always!). Whether you’re looking for some holiday fun without leaving the city, or some seaside salty breeze - we’ve got you covered. We have compiled the best shows to add to your August exhibition crawls in and outside London, curated to fit your mood. Ready, set… STAY!


Paula Rego

Tate Britain | 7 July - 24 October 2021

In the mood for a full-on immersion? If so, prepare to be absorbed in  the amazing world of  Paula Rego! This Portuguese artist paints women in all their glory and is widely known for having revolutionized the representation of the Female Body in art. Rego has a raw, non-traditional approach to represent women's bodies in her paintings. As a viewer, you can sense their resilient but also vulnerable characters, giving a contrasting perspective on how the world has perceived women so far- Lucian Freud, for instance, who portrayed women naked and in vulnerable, objectifiable poses. This exhibition at Tate Britain is an opportunity for you to see women through Paula Rego’s eyes - intriguing, isn’t it?

Artscaper tip: a real gem in this exhibition is the work “Vomiting the Homeland” (1960), a painting depicting Salazar, the Portuguese dictator in power until the Carnation Revolution of 1974, with his stomach contents at full display. Rarely shown in public due to its controversial character at the time, this work marked a clear turning point for Rego, who had started with political motifs and produced this highly controversial piece, before she then turned to the exploration of the female body and identity


Tino Sehgal at Blenheim Park & Gardens

Blenheim Palace | 9 July - 15 August 2021

Feeling like escaping the city? Hop on a coach and head to Woodstock in Oxfordshire for Tino Sehgal’s exhibition at the Blenheim Palace.

Are you a fan of Live Art? This exploratory concept involves an artist staging a performance right in front of their audience - one might describe it as a blend of theatre and art. In this case, the charming Palace Gardens will be the stage for a site-specific “roaming choreography” starring locals. Since Sehgal’s practice rests on the concept of co-creation - his art emerging from the interaction between the piece itself and the audience - you will likely be invited to interact with the works and participate in the discussions that follow. If you prefer experience over contemplation, this is the event for you!

Oh, and the best thing about visiting an exhibition at Blenheim’s Park and Gardens - you can get yourself some much-needed ecotherapy after the show. Follow our lead: breathe in art, breathe out stress.


Tony Cragg at Houghton

Houghton Hall | 19 May - 26 September 2021

We bet the word ‘seaside’ sounds a lot more alluring than anything else with this unbearable heat! To which, an exhibition in Norfolk may be just the thing you are looking for. Heacham is only a half an hour drive away from Tony Cragg’s exhibition at Houghton Hall.

Imponent, intriguing, hypnotic - such are Tony Cragg’s sculptures. The British sculptor doesn’t cease to surprise with his creations that defy all conceptions of form and meaning. Cragg’s exhibition at the Houghton Hall in Norfolk has been curated by the artist himself, who created a number of new works to be shown to the public for the first time. Following previously hosted exhibitions by the likes of James Turrell (2015), Damien Hirst (2018), and Anish Kapoor (2020), the Houghton is definitely an Artscapy approved destination.


Phyllida Barlow: "act"

Studio Voltaire | 24 July - 30 August 2021

Back to London, and more specifically, the Highgate Cemetery. Don’t let any initial hesitation over visiting a cemetery put you off from going, as this installation is well worth visiting. The artist, Phyllida Barlow, has been commissioned by Studio Voltaire to produce a site-specific sculpture for the courtyard of the West Cemetery. Intriguing and kind of spooky, right? So, ‘What to expect?’ you may wonder. We think it will be something unexpected and colourful that contrasts with the idea of being installed in a cemetery. We will let you find out!

Are you planning a staycation to any of these art destinations? We would love to see your pictures! Share your favorite findings with the Artscapy community, and tag us along with the hashtag #ArtscapyStaycation!

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