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Artsy is bringing live this Thursday, 25th of February, an indeed "Cool" auction with Bonhams. It is all about British artists and pop culture! And if you are a fan or looking for really great art for a reasonable price- this auction is made for every pocket size.


Artscapy decided to highlight some pieces from the cheapest to the most expensive artworks in this auction. Let's start with a photograph of the iconic Andy Warhol. This photograph was taken by the British photographer in 1979, Richard Young, who is known for his vast portfolio of celebrity photographs. This photograph bidding price starts at £350 – which is a pretty great deal for such an iconic picture. 


Our second highlight on the list is the very in-trend, iconic Banksy with his A 'Forgive Us Our Trespassing' Promotional Poster from 2010. This poster shows a kid on his knees (we can suppose this is a self-portrait), asking for forgiveness. Although in redemption, the painting's irony is very subtle because the kid just painted his own halo around his head. Forgive me for nothing- is that it? This poster starting bid is £420. 


For the emotive Tracey Emin fans, "Kissing You" from 2014 is an excellent find too. In this printed gravure, we can see a sort of abstract line drawing of a couple during intercourse. This intimate and intensely personal drawing is very characteristic of Emin's body of work, making this artwork a very relevant piece to own. Bids are starting from £600. 


f5sap4nugkqqfmj6ewkkf52ikar26vsh.pngAs part of the Young British Artists (a group of artists that focused on the same stylistic aspects in the 1990s) and Tracey Emin, we have the eccentric Damien Hirst. In this auction, you can find his print "Valium", produced in 2000. Damien Hirst is not for every pocket (bids starting at £7,500), but this is still a good find. This print is part of his iconic and perfect-sized, colourful dots against the bright white background series. The piece's title leaves us wondering (Valium is a medicine to treat anxiety) if this is still connected to his medicine cabinets. 

This looks like an exciting auction for all the art enthusiasts that look for iconic styles and artists within a variety of price ranges. But more than that, this auction celebrates everything British, which doesn't happen that often. 


How do you define a good art purchase? Is it the artist? The meaning of an artwork? The current or future price? 


Click here to register for bidding. 

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Images Via Artsy

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    • There are a lot of considerations that go into thinking about what drives an auction result, or what makes "a good art purchase." Variables include thinking about how much you as the buyer intrinsically value the work, how attached you are to it, how it fits with  any other pieces in the collection etc., but also the previous auction results (if any) and the perceived trajectory of the artist. Curious how other people think about this

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      • On this, it is also interesting to note how much impact the "heat of the moment" in an auction room can set off bidding wars and shoot prices to the roof. That price escalation - driven by two individuals - then sets a sort of precedent for the value of that piece and artist going forward. 

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        • guys, did you see the results?! 

          There are few mixed results, was a good auction to strike some some piece at a decent price. For instance soften up a bit (however I don't know the conditions). Yet, comparing with some of the latest auction £187k inc fees seems decent compared to over 200k of Forum and Sothebys.

          Some unexpected artwork, like the ones from the ConnorBrothers... banksy_collector did you see them? Told you... hold! :D 

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          • Definitely weaker than some recent results. I'm hoping to pick up a bargain soon!! 

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            • What we can hope to be a bargain today is still like x10, 4 years ago 😂

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              • Bargain is becoming such an abstract concept these days... 🤣

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