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How to buy on Artscapy?


Works are available both from collectors and galleries on Artscapy. There are 2 options  ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Enquire’ right next to every artwork listed in our marketplace.


Why should I use Artscapy to buy art / How can I ensure that an artwork is authentic?

Artscapy is dedicated to being the most secure and trustworthy marketplace for buying and selling art.

Even though we conduct our due diligence and KYC/B process, collectors have the right to ask the seller/galleries for any additional documentation related to provenance, condition, authenticity etc.


Is an artwork's listed price the total cost of the purchase?

The fees included in an artwork’s price depend on the seller’s listing method.

VAT: Applicable local sales tax will be automatically added to your order upon checkout. Please note that we do not facilitate reclamation of VAT.

Shipping Fee: The seller is responsible for providing a quote for shipping and they might also be able to assist with framing, restoring etc.

Import taxes: If the artwork is shipped internationally you may also be responsible for any import and custom charges if applicable.


How to Buy Now or Make an Offer (Enquire)

Pricing can be set at a predetermined level (“Buy Now”) or subject to negotiations (“Enquire”). Where available, the Buy Now feature will be indicated on the Services with a "Buy Now" button.

Buy Now orders are binding on you. When you place an order using the Buy Now feature, you are required to complete the transaction subject to these Terms. When using the "Buy Now" feature, the property remains available for sale on the marketplace until You have completed the purchase. You need to proceed with payment, choosing the available payment methods provided. If you choose to pay with a bank transfer, you need to clear the pending transaction within 7 days.

By submitting an enquiry for an artwork, you may express interest in making an offer on an artwork to purchase or otherwise get in touch to learn more about the artwork. Your message will be shared with our Advisory Services team who will get in touch with you regarding your enquiry. The property will not be removed from a seller’s inventory until such time as a seller accepts a final sales price.


What happens after I buy & order an artwork?

Subject to these Conditions, upon the confirmation of any Online Purchase, and upon the conclusion of any sale, the sale contract between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded, and the Buyer must pay the Total Purchase Price, as defined in clause 7.2, no later than 7 calendar days after the sale (“Payment Deadline”).

The “Total Purchase Price” includes: the purchase price of the item; any sales tax, use tax, VAT and/or any other taxes or levies that the seller or we are required to collect from the Buyer under applicable law; and (for items sold in an auction) any applicable Buyer’s premium.

Prices are determined by the seller. Artscapy may, in some instances, support sellers in pricing their items.

Artscapy provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to buy and sell artworks, completing transactions using their chosen payment method. The buyer pays for the artwork and any additional fees as required to Artscapy, which will subsequently facilitate the payout of the net amount due to the seller.

Transactions are monitored for anti-money laundering purposes and come with buyer and seller protection. The buyer has a 24-hour cancellation window and 14 days money-back guarantee in events where the delivered goods are damaged or not matching the specification.

Artscapy does offer resolution support and will ban any fraudulent or disingenuous users brought to our attention. Artscapy will also collaborate with relevant authorities to prevent and report fraudulent behaviour.


How will shipping work?

The Buyer is required to pay all shipping, packing, and transit insurance fees and costs for purchased property. We may, but are not obligated to, provide support in the shipping process, such as facilitating communication or payment between Buyers and shippers, or recommending third-party service providers. Our support or recommendations are for convenience only and do not constitute or imply any representation, warranty, or assumption of liability of any kind by us.

Delivery is arranged by the seller to the address provided by you. The seller will provide information about delivery times when they despatch your artwork. Delivery times are estimated and not guaranteed.

Sellers may offer a range of delivery options (different shipping methods and services) so please ensure that you, the Buyer, select the option you require. However, sometimes these options may be limited because of the type of artwork or the country you want the artwork to be shipped to. If you have any queries about shipping please contact us at

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