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Easy Sadness
Drawing, Collage or other Work on Paper made in 2010
144 cm X 114 cm
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Hikari Shimoda
Easy Sadness
144 cm X 114 cm
Year made
Acrylic, Guache on kent Paper Mounted on Wood Panel
"Easy Sadness" by Hiraki Shimoda is a poignant painting that encapsulates the artist's unique blend of surrealism and emotional depth. The artwork features a young, doe-eyed child with elongated ears, holding a faceless doll. This figure is set against a pastel sky with fluffy clouds and blooming flowers, creating a stark contrast between the innocent, whimsical environment and the underlying melancholy of the child's expression. Shimoda is renowned for exploring themes of identity, and the complexities of childhood emotions. "Easy Sadness" exemplifies Shimoda's ability to convey deep, introspective themes through a delicate and dreamlike visual language.…

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