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Artscapy's curated content, social features, and bespoke collection management system are designed for every art lover to connect, discuss, explore, and collect art.

Our Story

We've almost all been there - actually we're still there - getting the cold shoulder from the art 'establishment', feeling intimidated to share our perceptions and impressions around art.

At the same time, this traditional, opaque world reliant on exclusive personal networks and local encounters has seen a generational shift toward interacting with art online. The digital transformation of the art world has begun. Yet today’s landscape remains fragmented, with limited options to explore art online and connect with the art world.

Artscapy started as a dream to reimagine the way we interact with art, born out of our daily frustrations as collectors and observers of this obscure ecosystem, and wanting to bring the art world into the digital age. At first, it was intended as a hobby project for our circle of art loving friends, but the more we spoke with other art enthusiasts and friends at galleries, auction houses, and art advisors, we understood how big the problems really are.

Artscapy is built for the art world, by two tech entrepreneurs who are also collectors, fuelled by our art passion and experiences in building digital businesses from zero to one.

We welcome you and fellow art lovers across the globe to explore, connect, discuss, and collect art.

Emilia & Alex
Founders of Artscapy

Our Vision

To usher in the digital transformation and democratisation of the art world.

Our Pillars


All of art in one platform. Discover art trends. Share your favourite art and be inspired by other art lovers. Read and participate in curated discussions.


No cold shoulder. No arbitrary rules of engagement. We've built Artscapy to connect the world of art. Without boundaries or borders.


Whether you're a collector, a critic, or just curious, this is your platform to share your views and impressions with like-minded art enthusiasts.


You don't need to be a self-professed collector with Picasso canvases or Banksy stencils to enjoy Artscapy. Yet, you will find free collection management tools and fully customisable privacy filters for you to keep track of your collection no matter the size or style.

Meet the team

Emilia Gyoerk

Art is essential to me, and I think I always had that collector bug. Visiting the local art exhibitions and museums are must-do stops on every trip, and my interest in art keeps growing without bounds. As an avid traveller and pursuing an international career, I am particularly interested in exploring different cultures and perceptions of society, life, and the environment. These themes, reflected in art, have shaped the collection that I am growing together with Alessandro. To name a few, this collection includes nature-inspired works by Saraceno and political commentary pieces by Banksy. I am mesmerised by how artists view the world and can capture such profound and multifaceted meanings in their artworks, often using simple or commonplace materials. A former venture capitalist investing in tech startups by profession, I am now marrying the love for art with the professional passion for technology in building Artscapy.

Background: CFA Charterholder, startup investor and former economist at the European Central Bank and Moody’s. MSc Economics and Finance at Warwick University, BSc Economics at University of South Florida.

Alessandro De Stasio

I was born a collector. Growing up in a household where my mother was an antiques dealer, the admiration for art set in early. My collecting habit began as a youngster with coins and Italian telephone cards. These were unique and I remember continuously being on the lookout for the latest release. Before I knew it, the collection had become sizable. Now, that collecting inclination has solidified, and together with Emilia, we nurture a growing art collection. I am particularly fascinated by the ability of artists to interpret and critique society, culture, and the interactions between humans and nature. The idea of Artscapy came to me as a ‘heureka’ moment. My experience in growing digital businesses and rapidly scaling international brands clashed with observing the lack of digitalisation of the art world - this engendered a burning desire to build an innovating digital ecosystem for art, and that is Artscapy.

Background: Serial entrepreneur and ex-Brand Director in Entain (a FTSE 100 company), digital marketing professional at Xister (now part of Reply).

Eva Tranova
Marketing and Sales Executive

I have always enjoyed learning about cultures and languages and almost ended up following diplomacy as a career. But it was during a visit to Paris in 2013 that I had a life changing moment. Popping from one art exhibition to another, I discovered that not all museums are dusty and that art has the power to transcend all cultures and languages. This new world of art was so compelling that I decided to dedicate myself to it, and dive into museology and democratisation of art. On this journey I co-curated an exhibition in Paris and helped shape the path of the Cultural Mile in London. I find the international art market fascinating, and am thrilled by discovering female artists that challenge artistic practices and question the notions of identity.

Background: Gallery and Sales Assistant at Lisson Gallery. MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths, Bachelor of Cultural Mediation at Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Phil Morgan
Technical Lead

Since a very young age, I always found myself surrounded by creativity. My mother was an artist herself; she used her fingers as tools to create aweing pastel landscapes of waterfalls and mountains. My older brother was fascinated with photography and comic books - I have to admit, he passed that passion to me. And, last but not least, my Welsh upbringing was full of music, poetry and visual arts that was on display during the Eisteddfod, an annual festival which always inspired me. My dream was to be an Architect but circumstances pushed me into technology and computers which opened up a whole new world to me. Thirty years later and here I am, working in this exciting project that is Artscapy, bringing technology to the Art world.

Background: Software Developer, Technical architect, Team leader and mentor. Previous clients include the government, Bentley, Tripadvisor.

Jordan Hoffman
Project and Operations Manager

My passion for art really began as a young child, I have many memories (and souvenir postcards) of visiting art exhibitions and museums with my Dad and always enjoyed engaging with different ideas and cultures through art. In my later life, I have continued that interest and love collecting artworks to display in my home, with a particular fondness for all things Street Art! Together with my husband (to be!), we have grown a collection that encompasses everything from Pejac to Blek le Rat. Professionally speaking, my creativity translates into turning strategic objectives into deliverable outputs, through the medium of an excellent project plan and a well curated spreadsheet. With a passion for people I love the human side of business and projects and am excited to be on this journey with Artscapy.

Background: PRINCE2 Certified, with project and change management experience at CMS. Bachelor of Law with Business at Kingston University.

Toto Obi
UI Designer & Front End Executive

Ever since I can remember, I have always been compelled by art and technology. Although I was passionate about both subjects, when it came to pursuing an education, I decided to focus on technology by studying Computer Science. However, throughout university I found myself drawn to courses that allowed me to be visually creative, which lead me to explore Product Design. I enjoy creative ideation, conceptualising creative directions and bringing a user first approach. Outside technology, my interests include travelling, creating illustrations, photography and reading. Give me a good book and I will probably spend all my free time reading it until it’s finished! Travelling is something I have been doing since a young age and my goal is to travel to as many countries as possible.

Background: Product Assistant and QA tester at Eventstag. Bsc Computer Science at City University of London with electives in Human Computer Interaction, cognition and technology & E-Commerce.

Tania Teixeira
Content and Community Executive

Since I was a kid, I always found myself involved in the creative sphere. Although my dad wanted me to be a baker (and that is lots of fun too), my taste for the creative side was always more refined, which led me to pursue a BFA. The shift from arts to writing came naturally: I used to write poetry when I was young, won awards for my writing, and have always found language present in my artistic practice. I am inherently passionate about exploring art behind its visual field by pulling in unexpected subjects such as science, philosophy, or tech. Art is everywhere and can be anything! I love Video and Performance Art, and am particularly enthusiastic about all controversially violent and masochist art pieces - indeed, I wrote my dissertation on this.

Background: Art-writer at ARTMO, Art please, Artling, and Kooness. Completing MA Writing at Royal College of Arts, BFA at Cambridge