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How to buy
How to sell
Explore art on our Marketplace
  1. Find artworks from verified galleries and collectors in our Marketplace
  2. Gain first access to artworks through online viewing rooms
  3. Looking for something specific? Submit your request through Artscapy’s Premium Search
Buy now or make an offer
  1. Select “Buy Now” & process your payment securely with Stripe
  2. To learn more about the artwork, use the ‘Enquire’ feature to ask the seller a question
  3. You may submit an offer. The seller has 72 hours to confirm or reject it
Complete your purchase
  1. Payment is due immediately when you “Buy Now”. Read more about payment options and timelines here
  2. If you are paying by Bank Transfer, payment must be issues within 7 days. Only once payment is taken will the artwork be removed from our marketplace
  3. Confirm your shipping address
  4. Receive the artwork from the Seller (the entry into your collection management system is automatic)
Upload your art
  1. Add the artwork to your collection
  2. Choose your preferred payment method in your account settings
Submit your art for verification
  1. List the artwork for sale directly from your collection
  2. Bring your art to life with images and documentation
  3. Become verified by completing our due diligence process. Learn more about our verification process here
Sell your art
  1. Once approved, your artwork will be listed for sale on our marketplace
  2. You’re required to respond to offers within 72 hours
  3. Dispatch of sold artworks must happen within 7 days of payment
How long do I have to respond to an offer?

You have 72 hours to respond.

If no action: Offer expires, buyer must submit new offer. Actions the seller must take: Accept offer or decline. If declined, must select a reason.

Actions the buyer can take: New offer.

Time to pay?

Payment is due immediately, maximum timeline is 7 days, regardless of payment method.

The item does not disappear from the marketplace unless payment is issued.

If paying by bank transfer, the payment must be settled within 7 days, unless agreed otherwise between buyer and seller (the item should still be marked as "paid").

Time to ship?

7 days following payment

If the seller is not able to ship within the timeline, this must be noted in their account during account setup (can be changed any time should circumstances change).

How long do I have to cancel my order?

Your order is canceled in the following cases:

  1. Your order is automatically cancelled if the seller does not respond to offer within 72 hours
  2. Your order is automatically cancelled if the payment is not made within 7 days
  3. Your order is cancelled if there is an agreement between buyer and seller. In this specific instance the transaction is noted as void.
  4. There may be other reasons why a transaction is cancelled. For any additional information please contact

By EU law, there is a requirement to allow 14 days cancellation in certain cases. In the event of a dispute, these cases will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis. There is no need to mention this explicitly in emails or within product, this is just a statutory requirement.