Comment to 'Damien Hirst: 'Currency' | Is it worth it or not?'
  • TimTim Dan I am not sure if I completely agree with you ... I think this is all just a machine to grab money disguised as art ... 

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    • TimTim and Benjamin Miller it seems to me that this is a deeper discussion. The NFT per se is not art, is not a medium, is neither a format, it's just a piece of code that verifies that '1' belongs to 'A'.

      Therefore IMO what we should judge is the artistic output - which has a digital form (img, video, application) - and its concept. Digital art exists since the TV exists.
      Is there a generation of people who will start to enjoy their artworks and collectibles comfortably with their oculus rift? Surely there is. But I also want to highlight once again that the value of an artwork is prescinding any medium.   

      Personally reach media or digital artworks are not my favourite (especially to buy) which is my limit. What I found interesting on 'The Currency' is the concept which is what I attribute the highest value to. This makes me think that his long term value is linked to the conceptual value of the artwork. Hype can go up and down but the concept will stay and if it's culturally meaningful, and it resonates with the people then yes. It will keep having (or increasing) value...

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