London Gallery Weekend: What to pick?

London Gallery Weekend is starting tomorrow (from the 4th until the 6th of June)! During the past week, we have been curating exciting routes, highlighting the best exhibitions to see in the three geographical areas of London.

Friday is spotlighting galleries in Central London, Saturday South London, and on Sunday, East London.

Which galleries are you visiting? 

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Replies (4)
    • Planning to go to Fold, Cardi and maybe David Zwirner. The Canevari exhibition at Cardi seems very interesting...
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      • It's looks like an intriguing exhibition but Canevari is not my to go to artist, for sure . Looking forward to see your visit thou !
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      • I have seen ppl posting their visits to Frith Street Gallery and it looks super cool! Surely will pop in
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        • For me it's definitely White Cube Bermondsey. Really want to see Takis
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