London Gallery Weekend : Wrap-Up


We loved London Gallery Weekend! 

Did you had a chance to visit any exhibitions this weekend? If yes, where did you go? What was your favourite exhibition? 

Share with us your feedback and pictures. 


Find here our curated routes:  Central LondonSouth London, and  East London.

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    • Who needs a gym subscription if you can do a gallery marathon haha! I couldn't get enough of the exhibition at Bermondsey on :)
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      • Hahah I can feel the exhaustion! Unfortunately, I couldn't go, but @emilia visited a few ones this weekend!
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        • Yeah I did! Was such a nice experience to stroll through the galleries - we did some 4-5 yesterday and another five or so on Saturday. I think a few of them are continuing on for some more days though, so you might be able to catch them still!

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        • Apart from Seventeen, I also visited Maureen Paley and Mother's Tankstation - I really liked MT! Quite the commentary on capitalism and the (failed) American Dream
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          • Only did a few of the ones in Mayfair but really enjoyed it! Posted some of my favs above. Wonder how successful the galleries felt it was over the weekend as a whole? A lot were fairly/completely empty when I went Sunday afternoon.
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