Gillian Jason Gallery


Gillian Jason Gallery works with female artists from across the generations to present engaging exhibitions about the most resonant ideas of our time. A combination of attuned cultural consciousness, people-first relationships, and a 40-year history of exhibiting work by pioneering artists, makes GJG a go-to reference point for those looking to support and collect art from beyond the white male canon that addresses today’s critical shifts.

By no coincidence, the history of the gallery runs parallel with the history of modern feminism, a correlation that’s never far from curatorial considerations at GJG. As contemporary feminisms develop with increasingly inclusive awareness, the team continues to explore and evolve its own conceptions around what is most salient in art by female and non-binary artists now, and by extension to perpetually reappraise questions of importance and value according to society’s ever-shifting sands.

Elli and Millie each bring distinct passions and skillsets to their co-directorship, between them working with established artists and emerging talent from a range of social, racial, geographic, and economic spheres. On occasion, one might be recontextualising lithography by Louise Bourgeois, or reconsidering mixed media by Tracey Emin, while the other may be mounting emotive ceramic geopolymers by Jasmine Pradissitto, or introducing AI paintings by rising star Sougwen Chung. In every instance the gallery’s priority is to hold space for artists who contribute to our era’s correction towards a wider spectrum of expressions.