SHAKE Gallery

London, United Kingdom


At SHAKE GALLERY we are committed to trailblazing a unique path to a more transparent, egalitarian and engaging art experience. One that values equality over exclusivity. One that values a personal journey of education, inspiration and discovery. We view diversity as strength, and essential to leveraging the rapid growth of the global art market on behalf of our clients. We believe in innovation over status quo. We are reimagining the very idea of what it means to be a gallery that serves the evolving needs of contemporary culture. And we are authoring new chapters to the story of an energized marketplace, one that serves as a virtuous cycle for artists, collectors and the next generation of art-world leaders. 



We are committed to transparency, to education, and to empowering artists to grow, develop and realise their creative potential. We engage the full potential of the global art marketplace on behalf of our collectors. We are working every day to demystify the art world and create a secure and informed environment in which to discover, create, and invest with confidence.