Albert Deak

Oldham, United Kingdom

Albert Deak Where Art Explores the Digital and the Figurative

Albert Deak is a multifaceted artist, weaving together traditional ceramic techniques with the boundless potential of digital art. His journey began in 1989, graduating from a renowned Eastern European Art and Design University with a specialization in ceramics.

Years of experience honed his skills in product design, crafting tableware and figurines for mass production. Yet, his creative spirit yearned for more. He ventured into independent artistic expression through graphics and digital painting, forging his own unique style.

Albert Deak is not one to shy away from exploring diverse avenues. He delved into the world of NFTs, embracing the innovative possibilities of the digital realm. His past also saw him create thought-provoking political caricatures, leaving a mark with his sharp wit and artistic commentary.

Beyond the digital, Albert Deak established his own micro-production workshop, breathing life into small series and unique ceramic pieces. His artistic journey has been enriched by participating in international exhibitions, showcasing his talent on a global platform.

Now, his focus has shifted towards authentic digital art. He has embarked on a captivating historical project, where traditional figurine modeling techniques will intertwine with his digital prowess.

Albert Deak stands out for his unwavering commitment to originality and authenticity. He shuns the use of artificial technology, relying solely on his imagination and the wealth of experiences gained through various artistic disciplines. His creations are not mere products, but windows into his soul, inviting viewers to engage with the depth and sincerity embedded within each piece.