'Phygital’ Surrealism: Salvador Dalí on NFT

In the past, it was not rare for a scientist and an artist to be the same person. Art has frequently fostered technological advancement, through the ability of artists to envision alternative worlds while connecting with prevailing cultures and historical legacies. Blockchain and NFTs are the latest frontier for artists to experiment, blurring boundaries, uncovering boundless opportunities, and irrevocably changing the way we interact with the physical and digital world. 

As the art industry is undergoing these profound transformations with technological and ethical implications, Artscapy is building technology to be at the forefront of providing thought-provoking art and safety for collectors, supporting artists and art operators with the know-how to navigate these times.

The first in a series of important initiatives which will redefine how fine art intersects with technology, Artscapy is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive blockchain partner of Dalí Universe – the world’s largest private collection of surrealist master Salvador Dalí.

Commencing with the forthcoming Dalí exhibition that opens for private viewing on 13th of April in Naples, Italy, Spellbound - Scenografia di un sogno (Scenography of a dream), it will be possible to buy an official Salvador Dalí NFT directly at the exhibition, here on Artscapy directly, where you can buy the NFT using fiat currency and standard bank cards - no crypto needed.

This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for Artscapy: we will be supporting the preservation of Dalí’s artistic legacy and bringing some truly iconic artworks into a new format, adding value to existing Dalí enthusiasts as well as new audiences by creating the first-ever official, limited edition, digital art production of the artist on NFT. The first release - of many - will feature eight of Dalí’s iconic sculptures, including Dance of Time III, Lady Godiva, and Nobility of Time. The melted clock face representing the fluidity of time - one of the artist's most beloved motifs - is also featured in key works of the release. Each of these NFTs will be released in an edition of 9,999 and will be sold at $30 (£23).

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) is one of the most celebrated surrealist artists in history, known for his technical skill, precise draughtsmanship and the striking, dreamlike images in his work. He became renowned for breaking conventions, forging his own unique artistic language through works in painting, sculpture, product and set design. The owner and president of Dalí Universe, Beniamino Levi, was a long term patron of the artist, and is widely recognised as a leading expert on Dalí sculptures. Dalí Universe owns intellectual property rights to 25+ sculptures and 100+ images which range from paintings and sketches to furniture and collectibles.

“Having passionately collected and curated the works of Dalí for the past seventy years, I am excited to see Dalí’s work take on a new life in the digital sphere and to be part of this historic moment. For me, it was of utmost importance to select a partner I could trust to bring Dalí’s artistic legacy into the digital age in the right way. We selected Artscapy due to their long term vision and commitment to bring Fine Art closer to the new generation of collectors with artistic integrity. Their platform also fulfils all the compliance requirements and is ready to accommodate for future regulations, which leaves us confident to meet the institutional and collector demand that we are facing.”

Beniamino Levi, president of Dalí Universe

We invite you to explore the new series through this viewing room and partake in this historic opportunity to acquire this iconic master in new - dare we say surreal - ways.


To obtain the official press release and for any inquiries please contact Faye Cottrill and Julia Safe at Flint Culture:

Faye Cottrill:  Faye.Cottrill@flint-culture.com 

Julia Safe: Julia.Safe@flint-culture.com


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