FRIEZE NEW YORK 2022- 5 top booths by Adele Smejkal

Frieze is one of the art events that hold a special place on the calendar of every contemporary art collector. This year's New York edition featured art from 65 galleries and made it extremely hard to choose a favorite piece of art. For that reason, we assigned Adele Smejkal with the challenging task of guiding us through her 5 top booths of the fair. She is not only an Art Lover, Curator, Influencer, but she is also the owner of the nomadic gallery Artistellar. In her video, Adele introduces us to her five favorite galleries and explains what caught her eye in each one. Amongst her chosen galleries are Chateau Shatto, Andrew Kreps, and Carlos Ichikawa. Intrigued? Watch Adele's walkthrough below to find out more.



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