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As we open the doors to our first in person exhibition, "Observing the Human", we invite you to learn more about the show in this article put together by our Art Writer Bianca Spaggiari.

On a quest to investigate human perception Artscapy has teamed up with Noonssup - a collective of South Korean artists led by Bongsu Park and Ga Ram Kim - to curate and produce the exhibition Observing the Human. The exhibition will be reaching out to the public from Morrell House, 98 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London and will be open from Sunday 3rd July until Saturday 9th July between 11am and 9pm.  

Observing the Human will display five different artists, each one will introduce an intrinsic vision of human perception, accurately brought outwards and expressed through art. The act of observing, meant as glimpsing and sensing something, acquires within the exhibition a deepened meaning. However, recalling sayings, mantras, and iconographies rooted in South Korean ancient and contemporary cultural traditions. The show enhances considerations of human experience and all we take for granted when observing, alongside what we behold thanks to restless technology’s progress. 

Each artwork is tied to technology as NFT (non-fungible token), whether the token holds the artwork directly or acts as a gateway to access the artwork.  

In these regards, Artscapy and Noonssup collaborate in shedding light on this ultimate flow of art and technology combined, making it more accessible to a greater audience of art lovers and collectors. To further clarify the topic, the exhibition will consist of both physical and digital artworks, and a series of related talks and workshops will run throughout the event. All the artworks on display will be available to buy through the dedicated exhibition website observingthehuman.com (powered by Artscapy) using cryptocurrency. Alternatively, works can be purchased at Artscapy.com using fiat currencies and credit cards, as per a standard online purchase. 

Emilia De Stasio, COO & Co-Founder of Artscapy, says:Observing the Human manifests our commitment to making artistic research and vanguard accessible to collectors and art lovers. I am proud to support and produce this exhibition. It is an innovative demonstration of what NFT art is and how the technology can be applied as a new tool of artistic expression. We see this collaboration as a great bridge for collectors to learn about and access firsthand a new stream of fine art" 

The exhibition will plunge the viewers into a suspended emotional state. The viewer enters oneiric cosmos of exploration investigating humans’ conscious and subconscious awareness, as new perspectives on surroundings unfold naturally. 

Artist Sejin Kim focuses in her video-based artistic practice on the life of Laika, the first dog to enter space in 1957, losing her life to science and then becoming an icon of the Soviet's advancement in technology. The right to life of Laika underwent the audience’s attention, hitherto directed towards technology, progress, and human imperialistic behaviours. Her works convey a specific message and enquire how much humans’ colonial attitude threatens life. 


Artist Gihun Noh works with motion effects captured using photographs as a medium. The artist displays an NFT consisting of 696 photographs of the Keikyu Line Train taken in a little less than 24 hours (from the first to the last train) in the same spot. Gihun Noh reconsiders the meaning of landscape, time past, and time present in nowadays society, casting doubts on our perception of such and its reliability. Every shot is taken from the same viewpoint, not even a millimetre changed. The only thing that does is the passing of time. 


Daniele Schine Lee crafted the perfect dichotomy, the exact confluence between physical and online. His NFT artwork allows the beholder to observe the work as it is or decide to turn it into a physical one as a garment print pattern. His interpretation comes as playful and attractive, inviting the audience to immerse in the exhibition and contribute. Each edition will consist of seven designs downloadable in ‘.ai’ Illustrator format and ready to be printed or modified according to one's requirements. Lee is interested in the human understanding of opposite poles, as left and right, may this be geographical, political, both or something far from its actual meaning. The artist is keen to express the need for balance, including digital and physical.   vxmfsuj6fhqq6gzahcu9kekajqpfmbfa.png

Have you ever considered entering an exhibition where the tour guide is your virtual boyfriend? Challenging beliefs on relationships and loneliness, artist Ga Ram Kim's work encourages the viewers to take part in a quiz inquiring about habits when visiting an exhibition. Do they research art before the visit? Do they follow a map or their instinct? Based on the answers, the visitor matches with a virtual boyfriend walking the attendee through explaining the artwork. Ga Ram Kim lays the ground for a critical analysis of how we interact with one another in the era of social media. How much we care for the other and how much ever-present technological devices disrupt reality. The artist also tackles issues such as how humans deal with loneliness in public spaces by replacing the “void” with a virtual human being.


Finally, Bongsu Park works towards concretizing our innermost feelings, those led by subconscious needs and desires: dreams. The artist assembled the so-called Dream Library. People gain access to the dream library by buying a colour-coded NFT ticket epitomising their reverie. Taking after the South Korean tradition of donating others your good dreams as a sign of good karma and good luck, Bongsu Park inspires people to make their dreams become a collective narrative by storing them all together in the library. 


In the continuum dialogue between our inner and outer world, we rarely stop and reflect on how much one impacts the other and vice versa. Observing the Human will prompt the viewers to do so as they come to realise that all experiences - namely all artworks - are interconnected as well as opportunities for growth and expansion. 

This article has been written by our new content writer Bianca Spaggiari. Bianca is a Valuations and Appraisals Assistant at Christie's and is a passionate art writer writing also for other art magazines and outlets, including Art Gorgeous and Artistellar.

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