Brick Lane x Street Art Explained

London has one of the most vibrant street art scenes in the world. Local and international artists have offered to the Londoners a plethora of staggering Art, from miniature works to monumental sized murals.

We pass by them everyday, but how much do we really know about the creations of street art?

Our street art expert, Verity shows you around one of the most loved areas of London, Brick Lane, and introduces you to the secrets of street art. 

Through the use of spray paint, chalk, paste-up, print-outs, posters, stickers, stencils, and sculptural works made of textiles or other weather-resistant materials like concrete and mosaic, Brick Lane maintained its reputation of being a multicultural center for weaving, brewing, tailoring, and creativity since the 18th century.

Nowadays the heart of East London is worldwide known for being an open-air museum of street art, where people of different ethnicities gather to be surrounded by the typical Brick Lane vibe largely given by the colors and the different styles that characterize the streets of the area.

Watch Verity's intro to street art, and let us know your thoughts and questions below.



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