4 Top Artworks to Buy on Artscapy


Whether you are interested in buying art as an investment, for a love for the arts, or just because you are looking to refresh your space, building a cohesive collection and finding new pieces that can fit in requires not only time and patience, but sometimes the right advice. The art world is a vast place to explore, with plenty of artists, diverse practices and materials to choose from. We understand that buying your first major work, or simply enriching your existing collection can be an intense task: the art critic and our trusted partner Verity is here to highlight her favourite pieces from our marketplace that can enhance your collection without breaking the bank. 


Our marketplace listings are growing each week, with new artworks added by household names and exciting galleries joining the site rapidly. we are thrilled to get to share with you a pick of our favourite works listed on our marketplace.


 David Shrigley, The Human Body- Artificial Gallery

The Human Body by David Shrigley - listed by Artificial Gallery (a new gallery on the platform) - is a typical comedic Shrigley work. Holding the manual to the human body boldly upside-down, a naked man grins and inspects. The piece is a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the imperfections of being in a living, breathing (sweating, hairy, ageing) body. It’s fun to imagine whether the figure is peering bewildered at the literature, too confused by his own anatomy to make sense of the book, or if he is staring in dumb lust at a diagram. The work is available for £8450 and an ideal investment for fans of Shrigley - a star going from strength to strength as a comedian-artist. The unique artwork is 33.5 cm by 29.5 cm and made on paper with black marker pen.



Bruno Di Lecce, Die Geburt - Francesco Cascino Art Consulting

I was immediately struck by Bruno Di Lecce’s Die Geburt, listed by Francesco Cascino Art Consulting. While the 120 x 100 cm work has large areas that are essentially in block colour, the piece achieves an incredible depth of textures. The warm light which hits the surfaces and creates yellow highlights hints at nostalgia, as if we are looking at an aged photograph. As the title suggests, there are symbolic references to ‘The Birth’ - the drawing back of a pair of curtains, the flourishing of a tree, what could be interpreted as an altar or surgical table. With Pop Art and Surrealist undertones and layers of meaning to peel back, this work is surely an excellent addition to an art-lovers home.



Josh Rowell, Hercules and the Golden Apples of the Hesperides - Tsivrikos Shake 

The colour-palette of Josh Rowell’s work Hercules and the Golden Apples of the Hesperides is moorish retro, almost reminiscent of a vintage Scrabble board. The cherry on top of this work is its title. According to Greek myth, one of the 12 tasks assigned to the hero Hercules was to bring the golden apples of the Hesperides to King Eurystheus. The apples could supposedly give immortal life to those who ate them, but other rumours claimed that they could kill. Thousands of uniform coloured dots sprawl across the 102 x 166 cm canvas, like Battleships, an LED-map made analogue. It is remarkable how Rowell has managed to make an entirely abstract work so clearly loaded with adventure and discovery. The work has been uploaded by Tsivrikos Shake.

Please note that the artwork has been recently sold, but don't worry - we have a few more artworks by Josh Rowell on our marketplace. 




José Parlá, The AwakeningMoniker Projects

My final stand-out selection is The Awakening by José Parlá, listed by Moniker Projects. The 30.5 x 25.4 cm gatefold vinyl record sleeve comes in an edition of 50. Typical of Parlá’s portfolio, this abstract work has calligraphic undertones which draw the viewers’ focus through the work in search of meaning. The colours in The Awakening fizz with the excitement that a record sleeve would provoke and the combinations of hues and mark-making styles are in themselves almost musical. 




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