Our top 5 artworks from Frieze London 2022

Frieze London 2022 caps off one of the busiest and more exciting months in the art world. This year’s London edition was full of very high-in-demand young artists who were in large portion women. The art fair’s mantra this year offered hope and escape from the worldwide uncertainty of geopolitical events. The quality of artists was high, and the diversity of styles were impressive. To help navigate the number of artists and their work, here's our top 5 artworks from artists who would enhance your collection.




Pilgrim, 2022 by Francesca Mollett at Grimm Gallery

Grimm gallery; who have an international presence in London, New York and Amsterdam; presented a group of artists at this year’s Frieze London, among which the British abstract painter Francesca Mollett stood out. Her painting Pilgrim, painted this year, lures the viewer in immediately with its soft peachy tones. The piece is an excellent example of Mollett’s oeuvre because of its composition combining small and big brushstrokes and various textural layering. The artist is capturing the elusive relationship between the essence of life and time. In today’s contemporary art scene dominated by figurative work, Mollett is a unicorn artist who already champions abstraction at a young age.



Pack, 2022, by Tahnee Lonsdale at Night Gallery

The British artist, Tahnee Lansdale, is an artist that holds a special place in our hearts. We saw one of her first solo shows in London back in 2019. Since then, she has gone a long way and it was an absolute delight to see her work at Frieze London with the LA-based Night Gallery.

Her lush green tones constitute her painting entitled Pack. She is one of the few artists who excels at being on the verge of abstract and figurative styles whilst creating her own language. Lonsdale’s composition of figures is geometric and slightly deconstructed. The colours are often coordinated and toned with the background while creating a dreamy, almost mystical atmosphere. Lonsdale challenges female spirituality and draws on her personal experiences as a woman.



Mike’s Tooth, 2022, by Rachel Jones at Thaddaeus Ropac

British artist Rachel Jones is one of the most exciting and sought-after artists right now. She works not only in painting but also installations, sound and performance. Her heavily abstract paintings seem like colourful patches that convey encrypted messages while providing a unique visual experience. The mega gallery Thaddaeus Ropac showed paintings from her Mike’s Tooth series at Frieze London. The mix of bold colours creates visual chaos that is almost challenging comprehention. Jones' visual language is known for communicating existential concepts and psychology of oneself around the inner character of Black bodies. Abstract depiction of mouths and teeth suggests a symbolic and literal entry point into the body’s interior and oneself.

Jones is definitely an important artist not to be missed.



Soft Bloom, 2022, by Angela Heisch at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 

Soft Bloom by the New Zeland-born Angela Heisch, was exhibited by the London-based gallery Pippy Houldsworth. Embodying a simplified lotus under a magnifying glass, Soft Bloom is rendered in luminous colours. The painting suggests something subtle yet enormous. Heisch draws inspiration from organic forms, structures, and patterns in nature. Her visual language is after something deeper, something only our senses can comprehend. The energy coming out of her work is strong and powerful. In today’s battle of man versus nature, Heisch's work definitely becomes important. 



Benny is 19 in Tiergarten, 2022 by Navot Miller at Carl Freedman Gallery

We can spot Navot Miller’s work from meters afar. There is no one quite like his exceptional use of colours. Rendered in bright pastel tones, Miller’s large canvases capture half-naked males and re-examine the reality of banal, mundane moments. Living and working in Berlin, the Israeli artist engages with various themes such as religion, childhood, sexual orientation, heartache and other highs and lows of one’s existence. The Margate-based gallery Carl Freedman signed a representation of the Israeli artist and brought his newest work to Frieze London for the first time, which is an excellent achievement for a young emerging artist. Benny is 19 in Tiergarten, is a wonderful melancholic piece which draws us in immediately.

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