Happy Holidays from the Founders

As Alex and I sit down to enjoy a festive concoction of mince pies, Italian struffoli from Alex’s Nonna and Swedish pepparkakor home-baked by myself, we wanted to take this moment to thank you for being a part of the Artscapy movement to redefine art collecting and to wish you a happy holiday season.

2022 has been a fantastic year. Our community has grown to over 2,500 members worldwide and we couldn’t be happier. The many frustrations we experience as collectors are now being solved through Artscapy. It humbles us to know that addressing issues around transparency and accessibility brings value across the globe - making buying, investing and collecting art available and safe using technology. We’re all about enhancing the joy of art collecting and we couldn’t have done it without you, our community.

We saw a number of major improvements across the site. ‘Artscapy 2.0’ launched with powerful analytics tools for your collection and seamless feature flows, all packaged with a slick new design. From uploading an entire collection in a matter of seconds, insurance and guaranteed privacy to tracking artwork value over time - managing and nurturing a collection has never been easier. This was always our hope and starting point. 

We have welcomed a number of top, avant-garde galleries to Artscapy. The galleries we work with champion ‘art of research’. That is meaningful contemporary art that breaks the norm by artists influencing the arc of art history. The artworks are showcased in our newly released immersive virtual exhibitions, designed to tell the story of the artworks and the artists behind them. 

Looking ahead, we’ve got some very exciting things lined up. One of the biggest releases ringing in 2023 will be embedded insurance specialised in art. The release will allow you to conveniently set up and insure any or all works in your collection directly from your Art Account. Better yet, the insurance covers your artwork while it’s being transported to you - so you can forget those massive added costs when you bring a new artwork home. 

We all buy art differently, so we’re excited to share that in addition to the Collector-to-Collector marketplace and direct gallery offering, next year sees the launch of bespoke private sales. Our team of experts will be on hand to take on consignments and sourcing in complete privacy and propose the most optimal sales channel for you. On top, a few of you have already had a sneak peek at our updated market value tracking, so stay tuned for more news coming soon… 

This and more are coming your way in 2023 so you can enjoy collecting art to its fullest. We look forward to continuing to share the wonder and power of art with you in the coming year. Thank you to those who have been part of the journey so far,  join us in the new year and bring along your art loving friends!

Happy collecting and happy holidays,

Emilia and Alex

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