Meet the Gallery: Outside The Zone

1. Please introduce yourself and OTZ Gallery's vision and programme.

OTZ is a curatorial platform that actively collaborates with artists to produce challenging exhibitions in IRL and in the digital space. We also programme exhibitions in non-traditional spaces whilst building brand collaborations that can help propel artists' work beyond the walls and into new and exciting arenas. Through OTZ we aim to introduce the artist we work with to a wider audience.

2. Can you tell us more about this?

Some of the projects OTZ have produced include gallery shows, large-scale street murals, public and live performances, digital works and curation for a private members club.

A selection of the artists we have collaborated with includes Mr Doodle, Pure Evil, Sam King, Tishk, LS528, Otto Sharde, Shem, Dougie Wallace and many more some of the projects we have produced include live performances with Khaoseurope, launching Exlab for experimental digital works and co-founding the London paste up festival.



3. Where and how do you find new artists to exhibit and what do you look for when considering a new artist for your gallery?

The gallery works with a collaborative approach in mind assisting artists to realise projects. Our ethos is to build a creative platform for new ideas to flourish.


4. What do you think makes the art scene in London unique?

London has an in-built creative spirit that seeps out of the city. This intrinsic energy portrayed through all the arts is what attracts people to London to experience the creative energy or take part in the creation of something new. Through the art world and the drive of the artists based here. London is always on the cusp of creating or directing a new wave of change.


5. Choose your favourite exhibitions and artists to date.

I feel London has the busiest private view scene in the world which is supported by platforms like Sebs Art List, Fad and Artlyst. Below are some gallery shows and artists that create a positive narrative.  


- "Buried beneath the surface", 2022 by Dalek at Stolen space.

- Katsu at Omni gallery, 2022.

- Lynda Bengalis at Thomas Dane gallery, 2023.

- "World as diagram, work as dance", 2023 a group show at Emalin gallery.



- Anthony Rondinone

- Inagaky

- Charlie Peters

- Shem



6. Can you tell us about your upcoming shows?

Some public artworks can be seen under the bridges in the heart of Shoreditch. You can view the artworks here

OTZ Gallery has some exciting projects scheduled for 2023, that will include gallery shows, digital artworks and experimental art performances.
Their future exhibitions will be posted soon across their social media (@_exlab and @outsidethe_zone) and shared to Artscapy.


7. The art market is constantly changing, bringing both new opportunities and challenges to its key players. How do you, as a gallery, experience the current art market? Do you see a change in the relationship between gallerists and collectors? 

The market is opening up and there is a sense of optimism and energy. The traditional galleries will always have a place, although an emerging group of galleries mixing street and contemporary art are building an interesting landscape for new/younger buyers and collectors to enter. Online sales have exploded giving further evidence and support for younger galleries allowing them to expand their network and connections and build a higher profile within the international art market.


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