Meet the Gallery: Rosenfeld

1. Please introduce yourself and Rosenfeld Gallery's vision and programme.

Rosenfeld Gallery was established in 2011 taking over 3,000 sqft over two floors in a prime location in Central London, promptly emerging as a protagonist of Fitzrovia’s art scene. With six exhibitions per year, the gallery space has granted notable exposure for gallery artists and curated projects. Conveying a cross-disciplinary approach, Rosenfeld is devoted to establishing a forward-looking dialogue with artists, performers, critics, art historians and institutions. Its international outlook gives voice to diverse languages and practices from across the world. The programme embraces the global zeitgeist presenting solo shows by established and emerging artists interspersed with themed group exhibitions.




2. What do you look for when considering a new artist for your gallery?

We are always interested in discovering different artists' languages whose primary purpose is to satisfy their maker's creative impulses and, possibly, evoke an emotional response in those who use it.


3. What do you think makes the art scene in London unique?

London’s got it all. It’s got more world-famous art museums, celebrated studios, art galleries and avant-garde art schools than you can shake a paintbrush at. London is unique for its mixture of cultures and it maintains a subversive and rebellious soul.


4. Choose your 3 favourite artworks to date.

- Night swimmers, 2022 by Ndidi Emefiele.

- Stereo order, 2022 by Keita Miyazaki.

- Quel che rimane, 2011 by Cesare Lucchini.



5. Can you tell us about your current show?

We are proud to exhibit the first UK solo show of Shiva Ahmadi, an Iranian artist who is presenting 'The Courage of Eve". In April we will show the ceramics of Ioana Maria Sisea, an incredible Romanian artist who we just recently started representing.


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