The Evolution of Liste Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland

Established in 1996, Liste Art Fair has played a pivotal role in promoting emerging artists and galleries, providing a platform for new voices and innovative perspectives. Over the years, Liste has grown in significance, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals from around the globe.

Liste was founded in 1996 by a group of Basel-based gallerists seeking to create an alternative space for showcasing emerging contemporary art. Dissatisfied with the limitations and costs associated with more established fairs, they envisioned an event that would prioritize the exploration of new talent and experimental artistic practices. Liste, which means "list" in German, aptly represented the fair's commitment to presenting a curated selection of galleries and artists.

From its humble beginnings, Liste quickly gained recognition for its fresh approach and became a key event during Art Basel week. It captured the attention of collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts who were eager to discover emerging artists and collect works from the next generation of talent. Galleries such as Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Mai 36 Galerie, and David Zwirner were among the early participants that helped establish Liste's reputation.

Liste Art Fair has been celebrated for its commitment to innovation and the inclusion of diverse artistic practices. By showcasing emerging artists who push the boundaries of traditional art forms, the fair has continuously contributed to the evolution of contemporary art discourse. Liste's emphasis on conceptual art, installations, multimedia, and performance-based works has made it a fertile ground for experimentation and new artistic expressions.

Additionally, Liste has always maintained a strong curatorial focus. Each year, a select group of international curators is invited to curate special projects and sections of the fair, ensuring a fresh and dynamic experience for visitors. Curators like Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beatrix Ruf, and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev have brought their expertise to Liste, curating thought-provoking exhibitions that further enhance the fair's reputation as a platform for cutting-edge contemporary art.

For the 2023 fair, Liste is hosting 88 galleries from 35 countries around the world:

  1. A.Romy, Zurich
  2. Adams and Ollman, Portland
  3. Addis Fine Art, London/ Addis Ababa
  4. Afriart, Kampala
  5. Galerie Allen, Paris
  6. Bel Ami, Los Angeles
  7. Blindspot, Hong Kong
  8. Blue Velvet Projects, Zurich
  9. Bombon, Barcelona
  10. Bonny Poon / Conditions, Toronto
  11. Capsule, Shanghai
  12. Ciaccia Levi, Paris/Milan
  13. CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing
  14. Clima, Milan
  15. Crisis, Lima
  16. Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels/Zurich
  17. Dastan, Tehran
  18. diez, Amsterdam
  19. Drei, Cologne
  20. E.A. Shared Space, Tbilisi
  21. Embajada, San Juan
  22. Eugster II Belgrade, Belgrade
  23. Exo Exo, Paris
  24. Fanta-MLN, Milan
  25. Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna
  26. Femtensesse, Oslo
  27., Bogotá
  28. François Ghebaly, Los Angeles/New York
  29. Franz Kaka, Toronto
  30. Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai
  31. Gian Marco Casini, Livorno
  32. Gianni Manhattan, Vienna
  33. Ginny on Frederick, London
  34. Good Weather, North Little Rock/Chicago
  35. Hot Wheels, Athens
  36. Ivan, Bucharest
  37. Kai Matsumiya, New York
  38. Kendall Koppe, Glasgow
  39. Kogo, Tartu
  40. Laurel Gitlen, New York
  41. Lodos, Mexico City
  42. Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf
  43. Lungley, London
  44. Margot Samel, New York
  45. Martina Simeti, Milan
  46. Nicoletti, London
  47. Nir Altman, Munich
  48. Nova, Bangkok
  49. Öktem Aykut, Istanbul
  50. palace enterprise, Copenhagen
  51. Parallel Oaxaca, Oaxaca
  52. Parc Offsite, EliKerr, Montreal
  53. Parliament, Paris
  54. Peana, Monterrey/Mexico City
  55. Petrine, Paris
  56. philippzollinger, Zurich
  57. Piedras, Buenos Aires
  58. Piktogram, Warsaw
  59. Polansky, Prague/Brno
  60. PHD Group, Hong Kong
  61. Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City
  62. Regards, Chicago
  63. ROH, Jakarta
  64. Schiefe Zähne, Berlin
  65. Selma Feriani, Tunis
  66. Seventeen, London
  67. Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna
  68. Sperling, Munich
  69. Stereo, Warsaw
  70. Sultana, Paris
  71. Sundy, London
  72., Zurich
  73. Super Dakota, Brussels
  74. Suprainfinit, Bucharest
  75. Sweetwater, Berlin
  76. Tabula Rasa, Beijing/London
  77. Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn
  78. The Naked Room, Kyiv
  79. The Ryder, Madrid
  80. Theta, New York
  81. Union Pacific, London
  82. Valeria Cetraro, Paris
  83. Vanguard, Shanghai
  84. Veda, Florence
  85. VIN VIN, Vienna/Naples
  86. Voloshyn, Kyiv
  87. wanda, Warsaw
  88. Wschód, Warsaw/Cologne
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