Artscapy is one of the UK's Best Startups! 

Artscapy has made it onto the longest running list of the Top 100 most innovative companies in the UK this year from Making it onto this list in a year of record number of applications (and even hitting the top 50!) is a great reflection of all the hard work that goes into Artscapy day in and day out from our absolutely brilliant team.

The 2024 Startups 100 Index received the highest number of applications in its history, a reflection of how quickly startups in the UK are booming. The companies taking top honours include: 


- Zero Gravity

- Quantum Dice

- Yonder



- Canopey

- Flavers

We find ourselves in a good company (despite not having formally applied). Like us, these startups are embracing emerging technologies to address challenges and pave new ways for growth. 

Making it onto this list in a year of record number of applications with a position in the top 50 is a testament to our dedication to reshaping the art collection landscape through a collector-centric approach. In our journey, we recognised the frustration and barriers faced by art collectors: hidden fees, undisclosed costs, additional charges. Sharing the passion and enthusiasm that drives art collectors fuels our commitment to answering a fundamental question: "Does this add value to our collectors?".

Our journey of success began in 2020, and since then, we've achieved significant milestones. In 2022, we received the prestigious Tech Nation Award for the most innovative startups and SeedLegals Startup Awards, emphasising our commitment to innovation and shifting the status quo. With key partnerships with industry giants like David Zwirner Gallery and Philip Auction House, we continue our commitment to personalised, informed curation and empowered collecting.

We're thrilled to be named among so many fantastic companies this year and receive such a well-written and on-point review from Fernanda Alvarez. Read it here.

We’re looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings! 


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