Our April Highlights

We bet you are wondering: "April, already?". Yes, we know the feeling! The pandemic has been hard on all of us.

Despite the difficulties faced, the art world is still trying to keep the art community alive through online events, viewing rooms, exhibitions tours, etc. And April is looking promising.

Here is our selection of things to watch over this month. 


Alexander Calder: Modern from the Start at MoMA

Closing in August 2021

Alexander Calder, famous for his abstract, poetic and light mobiles, now has an exhibition at MoMA. Calder's first exhibit was at the Museum of Modern Art in 1930. To mark the special connection developed between the institution and the artist over the years, this exhibition brings a selection of 70 works to celebrate and remember Calder's incredible career.

Calder, inspired by Mondrian's paintings, reimagined our understanding of sculptures in 1930. The artist was fascinated by space and motion and fought against the traditional ideas that sculpture (or art) should be static and dense. Sculptures traditionally were still and heavy objects, and by exploring the possibilities of the fragility of these objects, Calder became the main inciter of kinetic art into Contemporary Art.  Calder incorporated his mechanical engineering knowledge to create art that moved and interacted with the viewers, challenging the viewer's perceptions of what was and could be.  

For those who never came across Calder's work before, this is an excellent opportunity to explore his artistic practice and understand what moved him to create his incredible body of work.


Gerhard Richter: Cage paintings at Gagosian NY

Opening 19th April

Gagosian New York will reopen on the 19th of April with an exciting selection of Gerhard Richter's paintings. "Cage paintings" are six square abstract paintings from 2006, inspired by the American minimalist and composer John Cage. Cage influenced Richter through his music and his concepts: discipline, coincidence, and chance. Richter affirms that chance and loss of control are a big part of what abstract art is.

Along with this group of paintings, you will also have the chance to see first-hand newly created drawings during Summer 2020.


EXPO Chicago

8th to the 12th of April

EXPO Chicago is probably the most exciting thing on our list. Because it doesn't matter where you are or under what conditions, you can still be part of it. EXPO Chicago is a 5-day virtual programme where you will be able to enjoy private collections, artist exhibitions, screenings, and performances from 81 international galleries. 

On Sunday 11th, EXPO Chicago will stream six environmental oriented short films produced by young artists from Daata's platforms. 

You can find the complete online programming here.


Gallery Weekend Berlin

30th of April – the 2nd of May

Gallery Weekend Berlin is a yearly event that gathers around 50 galleries across Berlin to showcase young and established artists. This is always an exciting time to be in Berlin because the city will be full of things to do and see for two full days. Despite the pandemic, Gallery Weekend will still run as usual with in-person visits (be aware that most galleries may require you to book your visit). If you can't attend Gallery Weekend this year, you can still browse the gallery's virtual tours here.

During this weekend, you will see works from some exciting artists such as Christian Boltanski, Pae White and George Condo. 

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