What’s on auction this June?

Do you have plans to add some fantastic artworks to your collection this month? Auction houses are bringing some intriguing artworks for sale this month. From Basquiat rising value in the Asian art market to Jadé Fadojutimi, an emerging artist that is increasingly conquering a remarkable space alongside other Modern art painters, this month’s auctions have got it all! We think it's safe to say that some new record sales are awaited. For whom? - that's the question. Either way, here are our auction highlights for the month of June.  


Sotheby's has some exciting lots this month. As the Asian market gets more interested in Western artists, we highlight the upcoming "Contemporary Curated: Asia | Jay Chou x Sotheby's", an evening sale  on the 18th of June at Sotheby's Hong Kong. The lots with the highest value estimates are by Basquiat and Picasso. These two artists have been recurrent auction favourites during the past couple of months at Sotheby's Hong Kong. This month, we expect this to be no different. Despite this, Picasso and Basquait are not the only artists offered for auction. You will find artworks from artists such as Richter, Price, Stella and Nara whose lots are being offered under a Premium umbrella. These artworks are highly valuable and significant from both perspectives of art history and the art market. Richter and Nara are also artists to watch as their popularity has been increasing over the past months.


Later in the month, on the 29th of June, Sotheby's London has another exciting sale: "Modern & Contemporary Art". Here you will find the unique opportunity to get your hands on one of the most admired emerging artists of the moment, Jadé Fadojutimi, along with other Modern and Contemporary masters such as Kandinsky, Degas or Twombly.  It is interesting that such a young artist as Jadé Fadojutimi is appearing in an auction that mixes modern and contemporary artists. If you have never heard about Fadojutimi but you love emotive brushstrokes, definitely she should be on your radar. The work that is going to be for sale is “I’m pirouetting the night away” (2019) and although it is the lowest sale estimate for this auction, we believe that the bidding result might surprise us all! 



Basquiat has been conquering the Asian art market during the past couple of months. To respond to this interest, Christie's has opened a special Basquiat-only auction until the 30th of June in Hong Kong: "Radiance: The Basquiat Show".  This auction covers the five most important years of the artist's career: 1981-1986. Indeed, this auction could set new records for the artist. 



Philips also has a couple of exciting lots and auctions this month. Let's start by highlighting the "Evening and Day Editions" happening in London on the 14th and 15th of June. This exhibition focuses on a wide range of Contemporary and Modern artists. Its highest lot estimate belongs to Andy Warhol and his famous "Campbell's Soup I (F. & S. 44-53)" from 1968.


If you are looking for something in a more generally accessible price range, it is worth highlighting David Shrigley, Victor Vasarely, Joan Miro or Daniel Arsham pieces (starting from £1000). 



Last but not least, we have some great lots offered by Bonhams from the 21st-29th of June. The famous auction sale dedicated to Banksy is still a crowd favourite. Presenting works such as "Girl with Balloon" (£ 120,000 - 180,000) and "Love is in the Air" (£ 60,000 - 80,000). 


On the 23rd of June, Bonhams London presents "Prints and Multiples". This auction offers a little more variety, and the top lot estimate belongs to Marc Chagall with "Le Cirque" (£ 100,000 - 150,000). Below this price, you can find some dreamy works by David Hockney, one Kusama and one Freud sketch. 


Whatever your taste or pocket size, we would love to see your new art collection additions. At Artscapy, you can manage your art collection easily with different tools that help you with things like price developments and the change in the value of your collection. Our collection management tools are super easy to use and very useful to have an in-depth insight on the value of the artworks you own. Imagine you own one of the Banksy editions or other multiples- you can add that auction result as a recent market value estimate for that piece. Adding this value will allow you to see how the value of your collection has developed over time. Easy but yet insightful!

Moreover, we love to see what kind of art excites you! So, if you buy any new artwork, make sure to share it with us. 

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