Art Exhibitions to see this June in London

As the weather warms up, many of you are already thinking about holidays on a beach somewhere warmer than the UK. But not Artscapy - nothing makes us happier than a stroll through the city with casual stops in art galleries. And there are so many great exhibitions opening up this month! We bet that after reading this, you won't want to miss it either.


180 The Strand

May 20 - August 1 2021


180 The Strand is this article's big entrance! After over 12 months of missing a multitude of experiences in our lives, 180 The Stand brings us a new incredible exhibition. This space is famous for presenting large multi-sensory exhibitions exploring the digital realm of fine art (other successful exhibitions were "Strange Days" in 2018 and "Other Spaces" in 2019). Indeed this exhibition promises to be another Summer hit. This is the largest solo exhibition ever staged by Ryoji Ikeda. It includes 12 immersive artworks that explore light and sound. 

Grab your tickets here.

London Design Biennale 

Somerset House 

June 1 to 27 2021


As Somerset House is steps away from 180 The Strand, this might be an excellent match for your Saturday afternoon gallery crawl. Somerset House brings us the 2021 London Design Biennale with the theme "Resonance". The artistic director, Es Devlin, explains the chosen theme by saying: "Everything we design and everything we produce resonates". Resonance as a theme investigates the importance of design as a powerful tool to create change in our communities, which is a pretty exciting concept. This exhibition is featuring over 50 countries and regions across the globe. 

The Biennale is hosting some talks around sustainability, innovation and other cultural issues that might interest you as well, while you are there. 

You can book your tickets here.

Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot

The Design Museum 

Closing on August 29


With the increasing number of technological advances, it's impossible not to question where the art world is going. Technology makes us question art more than Marcel Duchamp ever thought his fountain would. The Design Museum brings us an intriguing exhibition that will likely challenge your preconceptions of art is and what it isn't: "Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot". Who is Ai-Da? – you might be wondering. Ai-Da is the first-ever robot capable of creating artworks. Curious? Book your tickets here

Jennifer Packer: The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

Serpentine Galleries 

May 19 — August 22 2021 


"The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing" at Serpentine Galleries features 34 paintings. It is the artist's first-ever solo show outside of the US. This Jennifer Packer exhibition presents an intimate but yet, political insight on the contemporary life of the Black through portraits of friends and family. Also, Packer paints still flowers to which she states to be "funerary bouquets and vessels of personal grief". This is a highly emotive exhibition that reflects on the violence Black Americans face every day. 

Book your tickets here

Hattie Malcomson – 'Sisters, Sisters, Sisters'

New Art Projects

April 30 – June 26 2021


If you instead want to explore emerging artists, then this exhibition might be for you. New Art Projects presents Hattie Malcomson first solo exhibition 'Sisters, Sisters, Sisters'. The artist graduated in 2020 but is already conquering hearts around London. Hattie Malcomson explores themes around "women's sexuality, beauty standards, sex working, and loneliness". Although the artist's paintings are full of vibrant colours and funky subjects, the thematic exploration is socially charged, questioning the male gaze and exploring a sense of discomfort in the viewer.  

We are particularly excited to hear your thoughts on "Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot" at the Design Museum. Can a robot make art?  

If you attend any of these exhibitions make sure you share your thoughts with us! Tag @artscapy or  

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Can a robot make art? Let us know why in the comments.