The Joys of Collecting Art - Why People Start

Let’s be honest: if money was infinite, all art lovers would build the collection of their dreams! But, we all know we have different pocket sizes. Despite this small (huge) limiting factor, we are sure that our - and your - passion for art is limitless, and we can assure you that the joys of collecting it are (beyond) infinite. As art collectors ourselves, we know that overcoming the initial intimidation to start is the hardest part.

  • To open the mind

Art is probably the only field where knowledge is not a requirement. Art is meant to be for all and it is a portal to explorations of the self, the other and life in its most basic sense. And so is art collecting! 

Many people start art collecting because they want to be surrounded by items that stir thoughts or emotions, and add such pieces to their homes to enrich often monotone walls and spaces. Choosing art for your home can - and should -  be more than just a decorative choice. Acquiring artworks that resonate with you helps you discover more of yourself.  You will slowly notice yourself building a record of your life and thoughts through art, reliving past loves and periods of your life through your collection. Collecting art is both a self-discovery journey and a mind-opening experience.

  • To support artists and the creative movement 

Enjoying art that has already been created is one thing, but getting to help in the creation of new, unique pieces is something else. Through the process of buying art, collectors actively help to strengthen the art industry. Art can be often forgotten or undervalued, and that can cause a lot of damage to both the artist and the world. Art collectors are crucial to support the creative movement as they propel the value of an existing artwork and also support the creation of new ones. At the end of the day, art collecting is beneficial for all: the artist, the collectors, society at large, and of course in its role in shaping art history. Collecting art is ultimately about supporting a cause.

  • To preserve history

Many view the act of owning art as owning a small piece of history, and this is undoubtedly true. By collecting art, you are taking an art protector role- like parenthood, art is your child. Art collectors often play the role of linking the artist with the future; art collectors are carriers of history. This may sound like hyperbole, but we can assure you that it is not crazy at all. Art collectors are responsible for protecting and conserving artworks to inform, teach, and inspire future generations about a particular period in history. Culture directly influences art-making and so, art is also a precious element to continue educating future art lovers about our heritage, struggles, and background. Art is indeed powerful.

  • To be part of an enthusiastic community

When you buy a piece of art, you gain much more than the individual piece of work. You become part of a particular community, and who knows whom you'll end up meeting. Artscapy is the perfect example of that! Our enthusiastic community of art lovers and collectors (or Artscapers, as we call ourselves) is a space where you can discuss art intricacies, share and trade your favourite artworks, and ultimately, make friends for life.

Ready to collect? Join Artscapy.

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