What type of art collector are you?

To call yourself an “art collector” does not come as a given to many, even to those who own artworks and would objectively be identified as an art collector by most outsiders. ‘Why?’ you may ask. There can be many different reasons why someone doesn’t see themselves as an “art collector” - perhaps it is the motivations behind the collection, or that a collector needs to have a certain driving force and storyline to their collection. Perhaps it is the purpose of the collection, or that a true “collector” must also share publicly of their collection by exhibiting it. Whatever the reason, you are still ultimately an art collector if you are buying art, and we think that is a great thing! Collecting art is wonderful, and here we explore the different types of collectors there are.

The Erudite

If ‘art knowledgeable’ is how you describe yourself, maybe you fit in this category. The Erudite devotes a significant amount of time learning about art and therefore will know a lot about the work that they are purchasing and its history. These collectors are usually highly educated in the art market and will be very specific about what they spend their money on. Wise on the historical, technical and market value, the Erudite buy art once in a while and they are confident that the few pieces they own are true diamonds.  The Erudite is selective and enjoys a bit of exclusivity.


Let’s be honest: financial value is indeed something that most art collectors must reflect on when considering acquiring an artwork. Still, Value-Hunters take this financial value a little more seriously. Buying art is, for this type of collector, a gambling experience: you seek the thrill of acquiring an art piece that might increase in value, but you can’t know for sure. The thrill of the unknown is what mostly drives their acquisitions. The Value-Hunters want to find the most rewarding investment. Art may be important to them as a status symbol and way to exhibit their wealth, more so than the standalone appreciation of the artistry itself.

The Emotional 

As you may be guessing from the name, the Emotional collector buys art because they have a close and emotional connection to a particular artwork - as simple as that! These collectors believe that art is a way to tell a story about themselves and therefore, art is essentially a way to their heart and a look into their personalities and life histories. The Emotional collector will proudly display their collection in their home walls and as a visitor, you will notice a pattern across their collection.  They may be dipping their toe into creating a larger collection over time, or simply invest in a few pieces which they will cherish in their home for generations to come. 

The Risk-Taker

This type of collector is experimental and prone to taking risks. The Risk-Takers are adventurous! They are curious about new things and usually are the first people to jump on new movements and trends such as digital art on  NFTs. Other art collectors may describe them as reckless in their choices but this type of art collector is key to supporting the new wave of artists.  They challenge old ways of collecting and want to redefine what it means to be a collector. Despite their efforts to change the market, it can still be a very exclusive circle driven by status. Artscapy can definitely relate to this type of collector! We are here to change the art collecting experience for you and for future generations of art collectors. We want to democratise access to quality fine art, and thereby make collecting more accessible. 

We hope that after reading this article you feel more confident in assuming the title of “art collector”. If not, you definitely should because, whatever the reason you collect, you are key to the art world (read here why). 



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Which type of art collector are you?