Exhibitions to see this September in London

As September starts to creep up upon us, the longer nights and cooler days might, for some, induce an air of melancholy as summer begins to shift into autumn... But fear not! Artscapy believes that any reason to start moving indoors is just another excuse to squirrel ourselves away visiting even more art exhibitions.

And for those of you whose moods shift with the seasons, we've compiled a list of some of the best exhibitions you could visit, whatever the mood you are in!

So, buckle up as we embark on our ‘September Mood Exhibition Guide’... whichever way the wind blows you!


Why not begin with something that might help banish those September blues? ‘Light Unlocked’ and ‘Lubna Chowdhary- Erratic’ are two exhibitions which inspire joy as they pull us out of lockdown and usher into new artistic wonders... Full of life and colours, the Rocket Gallery and the PEER gallery are the top two galleries you won't want to miss this September. We actually recommend you visit them back-to-back to get that fully recharged and uplifted feeling!

'Light Unlocked'

Rocket Gallery, 25th June - 27th November 2021

Starting with the Rocket Gallery, their group exhibition 'Light Unblocked' runs until 27th November. This exhibition features mediums to suit all tastes! - From paintings to sculptures to wall objects, 'Light Unblocked' presents geometric focused works that explore the joy of colour, shape and contrast. You will find some impressive new artists' names such as Lars Wolter and Ditty Ketting which artworks perfectly illustrate the purpose of the exhibition: a breath of light and colour. 

'Lubna Chowdhary – Erratics'

PEER Gallery,  10th September - 20th November 2021

Lubna Chowdhary exhibition at PEER does not disappoint either! This sculptural exhibition brings us some major examples of Chowdhary's artistic practice: materiality and urbanisation. In this exhibition, the artist explores boundaries of craftsmanship and technology, presenting objects to the viewer that combine the two worlds. 

"As with the artist's other sculptural works, this new series exists between the handmade and the machine-generated, relying on a fabrication process that combines computer-programmed manufacturing with traditional woodworking techniques."

- Allies Biswas at Frieze, 24th August 

Although Chowdhary’s works are bright in colour and full of dynamic shapes and forms, these artworks also explore a more profound subject matter as she mixes "personal cultural references as an Asian Muslim born in Tanzania with those from her western art school education". 


Perhaps you need something more potent than colour and shape to lift you up... That's okay because if so, Hang-Up Gallery has got just the right exhibition for you!

Game Changers: Renegade artists defying convention

Hang-Up gallery, 30th July – 17th September 2021

Closing on 17th September, 'Game Changers: Renegade Artists Defying Convention' will defy your autumn blues. But what's so striking about it? - you may wonder. Firstly, it showcases solely female artists: Bridget Riley, Nancy Fouts, Nina Chanel Abney, Swoon, Tracey Emin, Yayoi Kusama. Sounds just like the perfect exhibition to inspire your art collection, right?! This exhibit seeks to celebrate some of the amazing women artists in the artworld that, through their personal struggles, have created art that inspires hope, whatever you might be facing. 

"We must push for continued change in the hope that, during our lifetimes, all women artists will be judged by the same criteria as their male counterparts. The Game Changers exhibition was designed as a celebration of the huge contributions that the artists featured have made to the industry, regardless of their gender."

- Hang-Up Gallery 

If you are curious to know a little more about Kusama, Riley or Swoon, what about exploring the Artscapy 'Magazine'? Here we will tell you all about these artists’ stories and inspiration for their practices! 



Imperial College, 22nd September - 27th October 2021

Last but not least, we want to introduce an exciting exhibition at Imperial College in London showcasing thirteen multidisciplinary artists! This exhibition reflects on the one thing we consume the most nowadays - images. The show has  challenged each artist to answer the intriguing question: What is it about a certain image that stays with us, or resonates over and above itself? -  this exhibition will undoubtedly force you to stop scrolling and start looking more. Featuring artists such as Larry Achiampong, Gabriele Beveridge, Cecilia Bonilla and many more... This exhibition will indeed challenge your perceptions of the ‘seen’ and will no-doubt give all your future interactions with images an added level of intrigue... 

Supposing that none of these have been your cup of tea so far... we still have a few other recommendations, such as the annual little gem that is the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2021, running 22nd September – 2nd January 2022 or the Turner Prize 2021 that is opening on 29th September. The self-described "most joyful art exhibition" is a whirlwind of delight that celebrates the very best of contemporary art and architecture. If you find the time, definitely make sure to attend. 

Are you going to visit any of these? Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section below!


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