James Pfaff - In Conversation with Banksy

Artificial Gallery is glad to present the works of the internationally recognized artist and photographer James Pfaff. The viewing room 'James Pfaff - In Conversation with Banksy' tells the story of the artist's encounter with Banksy through Pfaff's documentation. This body of work is the result of three separate occasions in which Pfaff photographed the artist and his studio between 2001 and 2004. 



"The Banksy Sessions", 2003/2004

Everything started in 2001 when James Pfaff moved to London and was introduced to Banksy. This encounter led Pfaff to start documenting Banksy at work in his London studio. 

Within Artificial's Gallery collection of fourteen works, two immediately recognizable pieces stand out: "Banksy, Monkey Mask Session (Tag)" and "Banksy, Canvas Session." Both appear in Banksy’s "Wall and Piece" book first published by Random House in 2005, giving both works a clear connection to the artist. 


Please note that the artworks on sale come in 3 different sizes edition sizes and price points:


Edition of 7 (48 x 72 in. | 121.92 x 182.88 cm): GBP 10,000 (+ VAT)

Edition of 15 (33 x 50 in. | 83.82 x 127 cm): GBP 7,000 (+ VAT)

Edition of 50 (24 x 36 in. | 60.96 x 91.44 cm): GBP 4,500 (+ VAT)



Already a well-known portrait photographer, Pfaff's works are good examples of his photographic style: bold, well-balanced, and exhibiting excellent photographic quality. All of the works were photographed on Kodak film stock using quality analog photographic equipment - Leica, Hasselblad, and Fuji Film cameras. Staying true whenever possible to the analog process, all of the works, except for some of the larger pieces, are hand-printed in London on Fujicolor ‘C’ type photographic paper before being checked and framed.



About the Artist

Born in Germany in the 1980s, James Pfaff is an interdisciplinary artist whose approach embraces process and materiality. Forming an archive that continues to evolve throughout the years, the artist's work frequently positions itself in the shifting space between the photographic root and the limits of what photography can be.

He is also the author of many other portraits including Eric Clapton, George Best, Malcolm McLaren, Daphne Guinness, and Sean Ono Lennon.  Among his editorial clients we find Vanity Fair, GQ, ELLE, The Wire, Monocle, while The Face. Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Playboy magazines have featured his work. Advertising, fashion, and design clients include Nike (Wieden+Kennedy), First Direct (JWT), Clements Riberio, Courrèges, The Groucho Club, and The Michelberger Hotel.


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