Only a Step Away: Samuel David Iyanuoluwa

Artistellar Gallery is pleased to present you "Only a step away" a solo online exhibitions featuring the Nigerian artist Samuel David Iyanuoluwa. Iyanuoluwa is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. His passion for art started in his early childhood, and he has been drawing and painting since.

'Just hang in there and keep going cos you could be a step away...”

Samuel David Iyanuoluwa's figurative paintings deal with all sorts of hardships we experience in life as humans. Inspired by his own fights with depression and anxiety, the artist paints realistically rendered characters of various genders and ages who struggle with similar pains. The rope stands for pain, agony, anxiety, or depression, but the rest is a reflection of the life that is worth fighting for. Iyanuoluwa escapes his own unease through art and communicates that it’s worth trying to find ourselves.
"Only a step away" is dedicated to people going through similar situations.
“Many people are giving up on their dreams and goals because of these situations. So letting them know there’s still hope and giving up would be a wrong decision to make because you could be just a step away to your goals and dreams you’ve been chasing for a long... Just hang in there and keep going 'cos you could be a step away...” - Samuel David Iyanuoluwa.
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