Assembled Existence: Tiziano Autera
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Artistellar Gallery is pleased to present "Assembled Existence", a solo show by Swiss artist Tiziano Autera, comprising new and recent works. The exhibition will run from the 9th to the 30th of November, tracing Tiziano Autera's radical experimentations in painting and bringing together a selection of wholeheartedly human figures paired with unparalleled shapes. 

He immediately caught my eye because his work would stand out as different from artists I have either worked with or seen in the emerging art scene. I think he is bringing something new, and it cannot be categorised in the traditional "figurative" or "abstract" bracket. - Adele Smejkal, Director of Artistellar.

Assembled Existence: Tiziano Autera

Dealing with humankind, nature, orbits, and the universe, "Assembled Existence" features a range of small to large-scale acrylic on canvas, incorporating curious forms, varied colours, sensual lines, and unconventional bodies, all rendered through abstract and semi-abstract compositions. The selection of works conveys Autera’s deep interest in the shifting nature of paintings, portraying subjects based on his vibrant surroundings hence the title. The body of work on display represents a catharsis for the artist from his constant desire to create anew. From portraits to conceptual subject matters, this exhibition investigates the multitude of diverse perspectives on a single item, amplifying chances and interpreting methods of what we experience daily.

In the continuous quest for his style, Tiziano Autera disrupts cultural constructs and optical systems, moulding perceptions and experiences of the overall exhibition. Abstaining from the given definitions of art, the artist deliberately mixes unconventional and hierarchical techniques like Cubism, exuding a hitherto unseen sense of nonconformity and deep personal research. At stake is a biological investigation of all that is physical and metaphysical. As he flows into his unique narrative, he chronicles the individuality of his psychologically charged characters, thoughtfully drawn or otherwise vividly coloured, however always distinct from one another. Quick brush strokes parallel chiaroscuro sketches, and fluid figures accompany dreaming and otherworldly women, for instance: Reflection. The work portrays a seemingly soft coral divinely contouring a feminine face; her gaze is absent and void, yet she attentively speaks to the audience. Autera often pays homage to the women and the feminine figure; in his artworks, the essence of being alive meets beauty and the authentic roundness of flesh.


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