Artscapy Exclusive: Top 5 Consignments on Sale from Our Members

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We are delighted to present a curated selection of works offered for sale by our members. We are passionate about making space for peer-to-peer art sales without the bias of the prevalent  middle-man interventions on the market. We are  proud to have gathered the knowledge, passion, and diverse interests within our community, and to be able to continue adding value to their collections - whether by acquiring art they love, or by assisting with sales at fair art market value. This month we present a selection of 5 artworks by Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Felix Treadwell, Iron Boy, and Emma Larsson, all offered by our valued members.

Artscapy Exclusive: Top 5 Consignments on Sale from Our Members

Gerhard Richter, b. 1932, German...

Gerhard Richter, b. 1932, German

Gerhard Richter, born in Dresden, Germany, in 1932, is a visionary artist whose career has artfully bridged the realms of photography and painting. Throughout his artistic journey, Richter has explored the intricate dialogue between these seemingly disparate mediums, consistently challenging their conventions while uncovering the captivating intersections that lie within. Richter's life unfolds against the backdrop of significant twentieth-century history, and his work resounds with the echoes of the trauma of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Having initially trained in the Socialist Realist style sanctioned by East Germany's Communist government, Richter defected to West Germany in 1961, leaving behind his entire body of work. It was during his time at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 1961 to 1964, alongside artists like Blinky Palermo and Sigmar Polke, that Richter began his exploration of painting free from ideological constraints.




Felix Treadwell, b. 1992, British  

Felix Treadwell, a London-based artist born in Maidstone, United Kingdom in 1992, invites us into a mesmerizing realm where his creations possess a hypnotic and otherworldly aura. His art features cartoon-esque figures rendered with a masterful blend of spray and acrylic, all bathed in a deliberate, gentle palette. These enigmatic characters navigate a vacant, timeless space, with their clothing serving as the only clues to their identity. In their almost-still and semi-abstract form, they evoke echoes of Domenico Gnoli's meticulous detail, the wistful charm of Yoshitomo Nara, and the peculiar innocence found in characters like Zebedee, Ermintrude, and Doogal from "The Magic Roundabout." Treadwell's art offers a respite from the ceaseless deluge of images in our digital age, inviting us to pause, contemplate, and uncover the beauty within simplicity. His work, seemingly tranquil and yet endlessly intriguing, defies the conventions of our frenetic visual landscape, creating space for quieter reflection and an exploration of the enduring power of nostalgia.





Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, American.

Paloma Picasso is a screen print created by Andy Warhol in 1975, part of a limited edition of 90 copies. The print features a black and white portrait of Paloma Picasso, with three colorful blocks obscuring her right eye. This technique draws attention to her left, exposed eye. Paloma Picasso, a fashion designer and businesswoman, was a friend of Warhol's, who was known for his fascination with celebrity culture. Warhol experimented with acetates of his own photograph for this screen print. The work was included in the "America’s Homage à Picasso" portfolio, a collection of artworks by eleven different artists. This portfolio was part of a larger project, spanning six volumes and featuring 68 artists, all paying tribute to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who passed away in 1973.




Imon Boy, b. 1991, Spanish

Imon Boy is known for collapsing the boundaries between graffiti and fine art, creating works that can be found on city walls, canvas, and paper. His work features his life experiences, often tagging trains, facing run-ins with the law, or capturing moments with friends on Málaga's beaches. His playful, cartoon-like style uses vibrant colors. Imon Boy's journey in art started on the streets with graffiti, but his influences extend far beyond. He draws inspiration from video games, the internet, cinema, music, and his travels. Each of his pieces is like a page from his personal diary, blending graffiti with fine art. As an artist who challenges the norms of graffiti culture, Imon Boy embraces the label of a 'toy,' and he's earned his place among renowned crossover artists.



Emma Larson, b. 1977, Swedish 

Emma Larsson, born in Sweden in 1977 and currently residing in Stockholm, is an artist whose creativity knows no bounds. Her relentless exploration of the unknown is the driving force behind her art, embodying qualities of fluidity, energy, shape, and rhythm. Larsson's inspiration is rooted in the natural world, where she often immerses herself in the virgin forests that envelop her city. Nature's myriad shapes, colors, and patterns translate into her work, giving rise to abstract and emotionally resonant forms. It's a process unburdened by intellectualization, where she embarks on a journey guided solely by intuition. Her art emerges from the synergy between herself, the materials, and an elusive force she describes as a guiding presence. 


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