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During the Enlightenment, French salons acted as incubators for social and cultural innovation. Within the arts, the salons served as both cultural hubs and platforms for the exchange of often radical ideas that continue to influence the cultural fabric and practises of the visual arts as we know them. Salon 2022, a new exhibition curated and organised by the team at TSIVRIKOS SHAKE, will reimagine the idea of the salon by bringing together a diverse group of artists committed to exploring contemporary concepts of expression, language, and identity – ideas that both influence and define cultural and societal developments in the 21st century.

In a return to the illustrious tradition of the eighteenth century salon, ‘Salon 2022’ showcases the work of eleven different artists, each working in different media and exploring different themes, from landscape and nature to minds and bodies, to environmental issues and sustainability and our relationship with technology and self presentation in the digital age. Despite operating across a range of media, the artists are united in their celebration of materiality and pushing the boundaries of their chosen medium, be it the recycled materials of Svetlana Bogatcheva’s sculptures to the dense, richly textured canvases of Geoff Uglow’s paintings or the colourful, playful textile of Anne Von Freiburg’s work. 

Much like the salons of the nineteenth century, Salon 2022 aims to open a dialogue, promote discourse and spark debate.




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Anne von Freyburg 3
Banksy 1
eL Seed 1
Fernanda Galvão 1
Gary Komarin 1
Geoff Uglow 2
Hugo Lami 2
Josh Rowell 1
Piers Alsop 5
Simona Sharafudinov 4
Svetlana Bogatcheva 9