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A little Flower Painting: Yellow, White, and Purple Flowers
Print made in 2018
47 cm X 55 cm
Edition 64 of 100
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Takashi Murakami
A little Flower Painting: Yellow, White, and Purple Flowers
47 cm X 55 cm
Year made
Offset print 4C process with cold stamp
"A Little Flower Painting" by Takashi Murakami is a vibrant print that embodies his signature Superflat style. The artwork features a joyful array of brightly coloured, smiling flowers, each with large, expressive faces, creating an atmosphere of cheerfulness and whimsy. This repetitive floral motif and the bold palette reflect Murakami's exploration of consumer culture and traditional Japanese art forms. As a print, it exemplifies Murakami's ability to blend high art with commercial imagery, making it accessible while maintaining his critique of contemporary society. This piece is a quintessential example of Murakami's playful yet thoughtful artistic approach.…

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