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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Print made in 2012
64 cm X 43 cm
Edition 39 of 111
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Yayoi Kusama
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
64 cm X 43 cm
Year made
Lambda and Screenprint
"Yayoi Kusama's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (2012) is a limited-edition collaboration between the iconic Japanese artist and Louis Vuitton. This special edition features Kusama's signature polka dot motifs and includes a custom-made box, a portrait of Alice in Kusama's distinctive style, and a photograph of Kusama herself in her studio. The book brings a contemporary art twist to Lewis Carroll's classic tale, combining Kusama's vibrant, whimsical aesthetic with the timeless story. This edition highlights Kusama's ongoing exploration of repetitive patterns and bold colours, making it a unique collector's item that bridges literature and visual art.…

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