Martin Kacmarek

b. 1996
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Martin Kacmarek, born in 1996 in Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia, is a contemporary artist known for his work that blends traditional painting techniques with influences from digital media and rural life. He started his artistic journey by imitating his father's drawings of rural scenes and developed his skills further through high school, where he was introduced to graffiti. This blend of urban and rural influences has become a hallmark of his work.

Kacmarek primarily works with airbrush, acrylic, and oil paints, creating pieces that often depict agrarian landscapes and laborers. His paintings are known for their emotional depth and a unique combination of realism and satire, capturing the essence of rural life with a hint of humor. His recent exhibitions, such as "Busy Romance" at NBB Gallery in Berlin, showcase his ability to tell compelling stories through the portrayal of farmers and manual workers.

In addition to his rural themes, Kacmarek draws inspiration from digital spaces and video games, incorporating elements from games like "Farming Simulator" into his art. This fusion of digital aesthetics with traditional subjects creates a distinctive style that resonates with contemporary audiences. 

Kacmarek's work has been exhibited in several countries, including Slovakia, Germany, and Spain, and he continues to explore new artistic expressions while questioning societal norms through his unique visual language.

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