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Forrest Kirk
Fist 7
Golf Sale
Yayoi Kusama
David Shrigley
I'm Sorry But I Can't Promise It Won't Happen Again
Alexis McGrigg
Used to be Boys 2

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The minefield of the art market today, in a story. We are onboarding a new client. Let’s call him Mr X who, similarly to my generational peers, is attracted by the idea of starting a collection as a way to diversify the investment portfolio. As any new collector would do, he is researching the mark…
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Damien Hirst is an artist who continually remains in the limelight of the contemporary art scene.  The famous artist who infamously placed a tiger shark in a tank of formaldehyde as a reflection of life and death has never been shy to push the boundaries of art and in doing so, creating controversy…
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Have you ever found yourself relying on an advisor's or gallery's appraisal of your artwork, only to be disappointed by the actual valuation or offers received? If so, you're not alone. The process of valuing artwork can be frustrating and complex, often leaving collectors feeling uncertain and unde…
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