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What is the approval process?

The approval process is a manual check conducted by a member of the Artscapy Team. Each artwork has to be accompanied with sufficient documentation and high resolution images.

Our team will review your listing application, and either approve it or come back with comments and corrections regarding the listing. Please allow us min. 72 hours to respond to your listing.


Which factors determine whether I can sell my artwork on Artscapy or not?

Please find below the main points that we focus on:

- Documentation: A certificate of authenticity, invoice or provenance letter will allow buyers to confidently invest in your artwork for sale.

- Documented provenance: It is advantageous to provide a record of ownership to support the authenticity of your artwork.

- Condition Report or High resolution images (front, back, signature): These documents will allow us to accurately inform the buyer of the condition of the artwork on sale.

- The price you are looking for: Our specialists will review the asking price, and determine whether it is complying with the current market or not. We are not currently able to suggest an estimate or provide other information.

Established Artists: Please note that we are able to accommodate works by artists with established demand in the market. Unfortunately, we cannot currently promote the work of emerging artists. However, artists are more than welcome to use our collection management system, to organize their work. Please allow us min. 72 hours to review your submissions. Our team will approve, reject or request additional information from you to come to a conclusion.


What are the essential documents for approving my listing?

We are currently approving artworks for sale based on three documents. You will need to upload one of them, instead of all three. Please find the documents below:

- Timestamp: a photograph of the artwork together with a note on which you write today's date.

- Storage information: storage ID, written confirmations of the storage, other storage information

Right to sell documentation


What images do I need to submit to have my listing approved?

You will need to submit:

- The back of the artwork if it is unframed

- The signature of the artist

- The edition details


What are the requirements for the images?

It is advisable to upload multiple high resolution images, as they will best reflect the condition of your artwork while both attracting more buyers and allowing them to make informed decisions.

Helpful tips for taking images:

- Center at a straight angle and fill the frame.

- Take a picture with plenty of lighting. When natural light is not available, you can perhaps use a ring light to enhance the colors of your photograph. Please note that it is not advisable to capture a picture with your flash activated.

- Take images of any possible faults in your work e.g dents, blemishes.

- Do not exclude details such as signatures, edition numbers or any other additional information such as labels etc.

Choose a plain uncluttered background. In that way, the viewer will focus on your artwork.


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