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How do I list an artwork for sale?


How do I set up my payment methods?

Step 1: Set up payment methods (if you before that verified your account successfully)

1. Start by logging into your Artscapy account.

2. Navigate to your account settings. You might find this under a "Settings" option.

3. Within your account settings, locate the "Payments" section or click here

4. Set up your Bank Transfer information.

Step 2: Complete your account setup

1. While still in your account settings, ensure you've completed your account setup.

2. Provide your address details, as this is important for shipping and financial purposes.

Step 3: Add the artwork to your inventory

1. Navigate to the "My Collection" section from "My Art Account" or click here

2. On the collection management page, you'll see two options: "Add art" and "Add collection".

3. Choose the appropriate option based on whether you want to add a single artwork or an entire collection.

Step 4: List the artwork for sale

1. Once the artwork is added to your inventory, look for an option to "Option" button and click on the "Sell" button from the menu.

2. Decide whether you want to sell the artwork at a fixed price or within a price range where you can accept offers.

3. Fill in the relevant pricing information based on your chosen option. This could include setting a fixed price or setting a minimum and maximum price range.

4. If you're open to negotiation, specify whether you're willing to accept offers from potential buyers.


What happens after a buyer purchases my artwork?

Subject to these Conditions, upon the confirmation of any Online Purchase, and upon the conclusion of any sale, the sale contract between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded, and the Buyer must pay the Total Purchase Price, as defined in clause 7.2, no later than 7 calendar days after the sale (“Payment Deadline”).

The “Total Purchase Price” includes: the purchase price of the item; any sales tax, use tax, VAT and/or any other taxes or levies that the seller or we are required to collect from the Buyer under applicable law; and (for items sold in an auction) any applicable Buyer’s premium.

Prices are determined by the seller. Artscapy may, in some instances, support sellers in pricing their items.

Artscapy provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to buy and sell artworks, completing transactions using their chosen payment method. The buyer pays for the artwork and any additional fees as required to Artscapy, which will subsequently facilitate the payout of the net amount due to the seller.

Transactions are monitored for anti-money laundering purposes and come with buyer and seller protection. The buyer has a 24-hour cancellation window and 14 days money-back guarantee in events where the delivered goods are damaged or not matching the specification.

Artscapy does offer resolution support and will ban any fraudulent or disingenuous users brought to our attention. Artscapy will also collaborate with relevant authorities to prevent and report fraudulent behaviour.

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