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Over the weekend I had the great joy of visiting the museum of modern art in Stockholm. It was wonderful to see the well-curated collection again, with enriched eyes. A key piece in the collection is Monogram by Robert Rauschenberg. 


While the "explanation" of the artwork speaks about contrasting perspectives, from horizontal surface and the viewer's bird's eye perspective. I, personally, am not sure this is what comes to mind when I see this work. To me, it's a play on materials, and how humans use different materials to suit their needs. And how we in that way build another understanding - the taxidermied goat with the tyre is there by human construction and almost as a way to please us, perhaps a manifest of power or just the life of man. Curious to see what others see?


    • Personally, I find Rauschenberg a hard one to understand. Though he is a master in the fine art world- admired by many for his knowledge and thinking. I can't really say what this artwork means to me. It is just very unconventional 

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      • Thanks for sharing this Emilia ! Is Rauschenberg on your wishlist? laughing

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        • First of all, I wish I could afford him! 

          But then as a second, and more important point, I do also draw a line in the collection to collect only living artists, so that would put Rauschenberg off the wishlist for now. For me, collecting is about capturing the current times and as a way to preserve history, culture, and all the commentary that comes with it, and as much as I would like to own a Rauschenberg, I did not live his time... 

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        • I don't really see the contrasting perspectives in this work.  I have a completely different interpretation of it haha! I find it more like a manifestation of rituals and rites (the goat's face is painted so this makes me think that it was for some sort of ritual?). But the tire around the goat doesn't really support this theory haha. 

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          • I think this is an interesting interpretation! The idea of rituals and rites would also fit well with the title of the work "Monogram", in the sense that it is about leaving a mark, a part of oneself/one's culture

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          • It's so conceptual that it can be anything and everything! 

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            • Very cool! 

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              Oh no!

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