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  • was smart! Not many artists will make as much success as he did with his 'Currency' hype. I mean was purely lucky I feel... what's of value in his work? Its the opposite! Its offensive, rude, discriminatory...  I don't think I will jump on this hype until an artist proves me that this is not just for monetary reasons. The value of art is completely being dismissed with this new era ....

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    • Out of context but in relation to what you have just said - not all artworks have been in a museum or a gallery setting and yet, these are art. For example 's latest release, it was never in a museum and still, no one doubts its real value as art.

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      • Yes! No one has done a similar concept before! This is truly a masterpiece that will be part of art history books in 50 years time. Amazing! I bet might be so jealous of  😂😂🔥🔥

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