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  • Intriguing question but knowing for its practice now... I would say you are right 😅

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    • Thanks so much for sharing this Joe ! 

      I found this artwork too during my hunt around Bristol. Did you see the The Well-Hung Lover, on Frogmore Street, just around that corner? laughing

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      • Found this cool JPS is Bristol . What do you think of this artist? Just discovered him. I think he has some interesting pieces but maybe too much of a copy? https://www.instagram.com/jps_artist/

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        • guys, did you see the results? https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26709/?department=PIC-PRT#/! 

          There are few mixed results, was a good auction to strike some some piece at a decent price. For instance soften up a bit (however I don't know the conditions). Yet, comparing with some of the latest auction £187k inc fees seems decent compared to over 200k of Forum and Sothebys.

          Some unexpected artwork, like the ones from the ConnorBrothers... banksy_collector did you see them? Told you... hold! :D 

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